Your Favourite Bougie Candle Brand Just Released the First Fragrance of Its 60th Anniversary Year

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In 1961, Yves Coueslant, Desmond Knox-Leet and Christiane Gautrot founded French fragrance house Diptyque. 60 years later, Diptyque is one of the most loved luxury brands in the world. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, Diptyque has created a fragrance that transports you back to the decade in which the brand was first established. 

The first fragrance release from Diptyque for 2021, Orphéon ($243) is inspired by the Saint-Germain quarter of Paris during the ‘60s, taking particular inspiration from a jazz club of the same name. A quick sniff of this woody fragrance takes you to the warm, smokey late-night bars where one would enjoy jazz and a drink while in the presence of friends. Despite never experiencing this for myself, a quick sniff of this fragrance transports me there. How wild is the connection between smell and emotions?!

The fragrance notes of Orphéon includes juniper berries (the fragrant fruit that gives gin its unique flavour), tonka beans, cedarwood and jasmine. When you first smell the fragrance, the woody, warm scent is the dominant smell but after wearing for a few hours, I can also smell the more floral notes of jasmine, which adds a slight sweetness. In short: It’s a divine scent and once again, Diptyque has delivered another fragrance that can be worn by anyone and will never date.

Designed for all people, Diptyque describes the fragrance as “the comforting scent of burnished wood on the bar counter and tables, enveloping curls of tobacco smoke, the aroma of the gin and tonic cocktails, the trailing perfumes of the men and women who frequented the Orphéon”.

You can find Diptyque’s Orphéon online and in-store at MECCA.

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