Doja Cat Serves a Pamela Anderson-Inspired “Pretty Beat for the Lemon Water B*tches”

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Every day Doja Cat breaks out her makeup bag and causes maximum chaos — and that’s why we love her. On Feb. 3 the popstar and “ugly beauty champion” broke out her shadow palettes, Dyson, and lipliner to channel Pamela Anderson.

Over the last two years, Doja Cat has patented a specialty brand of “hostile beauty.” That is: beauty that is technically flawless but totally disruptive and released on the internet with thrilling combativeness. This girly look was no exception.

Brows were thin and stencilled and blue-purple shadow — the hardest pigment to blend — was flawlessly hazed. Lips were pouty and overlined. She may be a beauty troll, but she has the skills to back it up, and this beauty editor found herself taking notes.

Just like Anderson, the vibe was serving head-turning ’90s bombshell — and just like Doja, the saucy images were served with a heavy dose of f*ck you. “Felt like doing a pretty beat for you boring ass lemon water b*tches out there so you can shut the f*ck up now and leave me the f*ck alone ciao,” the star wrote under the post.

The comments section has since filled with critics who seemed to take her “lemon water” comments as a personal attack. One wrote, “giving bitter lately.” Another asked “why she’s cussing us out.” Someone else took a deep sip of their lemon water and typed a 141-word essay in which she requested Doja desist from lashing out at her own natural beauty and suggested her attitude was “not empowering you anymore.”

Doja Cat has previously commented on her fans and haters’ eagerness to conflate her beauty looks with her mental health, and their dedication to taking each look and comment as personally as possible. When she shaved her head and brows in 2022, celebrating “looking like a wrinkly penis,” she told Dazed it made her feel sexy, even though fans hated it. “They’re like, ‘Oh, this can’t possibly be her simply having fun’,” she said. “She has to be out of her mind. She has to be cuckoo.”

At Paris Fashion Week, Doja arrived at Viktor & Rolf with a beauty look crafted from fake eyelashes. When asked about the inspiration, she smiled slyly and referred to fans’ response to her 30,000 crimson Swarovski crystal-strong Schiaparelli look. “People were saying that I didn’t have lashes and they were disappointed I didn’t have lashes… so today I gave them lashes, and so I hope they’re happy. I just want to make people happy.” Sardonic queen, we stan.

We live for every sly nod and wink Doja Cat serves, whether on Instagram or the front row at Fashion Week. One 2020 study published in Sex Roles, A Journal of Research demonstrated visible or “heavy” makeup has a negative influence on people’s ability to ascribe “humanness” to women. That is three years ago, not 30 or 300 hundred years ago.

In this context, Doja Cat’s valkyrie-esque approach to her beauty detractors is something to celebrate.

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