“Dopamine Hair” Is Taking Over Hollywood

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Over the last three years, trends in the beauty space have moved at what feels like warp speed. From hairstylists offering tutorials on how to cut your hair at home during the height of isolation to the return of ultra-glam Farrah Fawcett curls when the world (and hair salons) opened back up, the hair space in particular has seen some of the most rapid consumption of trends. Today, it seems people have landed somewhere in the middle in every category but hair color. In fact, lately everyone appears to be leaning into hues that are bright, bold, and hard to miss. This trend is called dopamine hair.

A nod to the chemical released in our brains when we feel good, “dopamine hair is a vibrant TikTok trend that’s an instant mood booster,” hairstylist Kee Taylor tells POPSUGAR. “The trend involves adding pops of bright color to the hair to embrace creativity through both color and style.” Like the many other dopamine trends in the fashion and home-goods spaces, dopamine hair uses color as the star of someone’s outfit, in turn also making that person stand out in a crowd. “The psychology behind dopamine beauty is that certain bright colors raise our happiness levels,” Taylor says.

Celebrities are among the many experimenting with brighter hair hues, like Megan Fox‘s new red color, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s rose-gold shade, and Hayden Panettiere‘s two-toned look, for some more timely examples. The timing makes sense: after a tumultuous last few years, people are (understandably) clinging to joy in whatever way they can.

If you’re interested in trying the trend yourself, Taylor breaks down everything you should know about the look ahead.

Why Is Dopamine Hair Trending?

The dopamine hair trend coincides with some pretty big cultural moments, namely the buzz around the movie adaptation of a particular doll’s life. “The Barbiecore trend made a lot of people more adventurous with their color choices in glam,” Taylor says. “Now, it’s translating to people really appreciating the role color can play in beauty every day.” Additionally, thanks to a generation that is more open about mental health than ever, dopamine hair seems to have an entirely different message behind it than previous hair-color trends. “The goal of this hair trend revolves around how the colors make you feel on the inside, rather than a complete focus on outward appearance,” Taylor says. “It not only draws the interest of the beauty community but brings a great discussion around our happiness and mental health, then ties in how our beauty routines can connect the two.”

How to Get Dopamine Hair

Like you should before undergoing any major hair-color transformation, be sure to consult with a professional prior to taking part in the trend. “The first step is working with your hairstylist to discuss what colors you want, how many appointments will be necessary for achieving your desired look, and what type of products you’ll need to maintain the vibrancy of the colors and your hair health,” Taylor says.

If you also have textured hair, you will want to approach the trend from a different angle. “Permanent dyes tend to be more drying on the hair and could leave coily and curly hair types especially damaged,” Taylor says. She recommends using semipermanent formulas to better manage the effects when getting your dopamine hair.

Dopamine Hair Inspiration

If you’re ready for your own dopamine hair transformation, we rounded up some of the best versions of the trend worn by celebrities ahead.

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