Drew Barrymore’s Tattoos Completely Capture Her Rebellious Spirit

Getty / Raymond Hall

As one of the coolest celebrities of the 1990s and now, one of the most revered talk-show hosts on TV, Drew Barrymore has become nothing short of an icon. From palling around with Courtney Love and being one of the original “Charlie’s Angels” to teaching emotional maturity via her incredibly intimate celebrity interviews, Barrymore boasts a storied career that has kept her in the spotlight for decades. Still, one thing some people may not know about the star is that she is a lover of tattoos. Barrymore has multiple designs, ranging from a sweet dedication to her children to one-word reminders that help to keep her centered – not to mention the famous butterfly on her lower belly. The latter is a design that she rarely shows, but since getting it in the early ’00s, she has also added an assortment of flowers to the same area, just slightly closer to her left hip.

Many of Barrymore’s designs are minimalist in nature, but if you are a body-art aficionado, you’ll love the meanings behind each piece just as much as you love the ink themselves. So whether you’re looking for some inspiration or are simply curious about Drew Barrymore’s tattoos, read ahead for a look at all of her ink.

Additional reporting by Britt Stephens

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