If You Have Curly or Thick Hair and Haven’t Tried a Dry Haircut, You’re Missing Out

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There’s a lot of terminology that gets thrown around the hair salon that you may or may not be familiar with: balayage, ombré, curtain bangs, highlights versus lowlights, shadow roots, shag cuts – the list goes on and on. We could write a whole book on hair terms and salon lingo (although one probably already exists) but for now, we’ll focus on spreading the word on a lesser-known method of styling: a dry haircut.

We all know how the standard process goes: wash, cut, dry, style. But that isn’t the only order of how a haircut can go down. A dry haircut switches things up by washing and drying your hair before going in for the cut. Ahead, Erica Conan, ColorProof Director of Education, breaks down everything you should know about a dry cut and who can benefit from one.

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