19 Real-Life Tattoo Tales That Will Make You Laugh – and Possibly Cry

POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

Not unlike a signature scent or the qualities you tick off on the “Looking For” section of a dating profile, tattoos are often deeply personal and largely dependent on personal preference. In fact, the design you choose, at which magnitude, and whether you want it etched along your spine, down the sole of your foot, or somewhere in between can be motivated by many a thing – including, but not limited to, a damn good story.

From book references to favorite foods to some really touching tales that represent a tear-jerking experience, we asked POPSUGAR editors to share their personal favourite tattoo from their own collections (plus the stories behind them) in case it helps inspire your next piece of ink. Some are hilarious, others are touching, but all of them are bound to make you smile. (Besides, show us someone who doesn’t love a good origin story and we’ll show you a liar. We said what we said!)

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