We Asked Our Editors to Re-Create Their Favorite Childhood Hairstyles, and Oh the Nostalgia

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It’s funny how a simple hairstyle or beauty trend can transport you back to a particular time in your life. For me, the infamous bump hairstyle – you know the one that Hilary Duff, the Kardashians, Snooki, and literally every other celebrity in the 2000s rocked at one point or another – reminds me of my days in middle school.

Just like it’s common knowledge that butterfly clips are synonymous with the ’90s and side bangs were a staple in the early ’00s, most of us can look at a hairstyle or accessory and pinpoint exactly when in time it was trendy. (It’s also not too far fetched to say that most of us have personal photo evidence of it, too.)

While our personal style, and beauty routines, for that matter, have grown and evolved a lot since our younger years, those nostalgic hairstyles will always hold a special place in our hearts. To take a trip down memory lane, we asked a few of our editors to re-create their signature hairstyle from their childhood, ahead.

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