Every Single e.l.f Beauty Product in the New “Mean Girls” Movie: Ranked

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Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Regina George first got hit by a bus? That means two whole decades of trying to make fetch happen. So, to celebrate the fact that it didn’t, we’ve got a brand new “Mean Girls” film to enjoy. This time, it’s part re-make of the original, and (hear me out) part musical – I’d say the singing takes a moment to get used to (I certainly wasn’t prepared for Janis Ian to burst into song in the opening number), but you’ll be into it after the first fifteen minutes.

It’s also, coincidentally, 20 years since e.l.f. Cosmetics first launched as a super affordable but very much under-the-radar beauty brand. Everything cost around £2 or less, but beyond the why-not prices, there was very little to get excited about. Slowly but surely though, e.l.f. has been on the rise, with a glow-up to rival Cady Heron’s. Now it’s all over TikTok and products are selling out so fast that retailers can barely keep the shelves stocked. Case in point; its Halo Glow Liquid Wand Filter, a very convincing Charlotte Tilbury dupe, was as hard to find as a junior-year girl who wasn’t in the Burn Book when it launched last year. It’s prices have gone up, but not to Freddo levels of inflation, with most things still under £10.

As me and my family-size tub of popcorn settled in to watch the new film, I initially started to notice a few e.l.f. products cropping up here and there: the skincare in Regina’s bedroom and the makeup The Plastics were slicking on. But by the time Cady told Aaron that her lipstick was “e.l.f. O Face”, it was clear this wasn’t just a cute nod to a brand but an in-your-face, all-out collaboration.

Not everyone is thrilled about it. I’ve watched videos from fans who think it’s unrealistic that Regina George would be using an £8 lip oil, but I for one didn’t feel personally victimised by the decision. I think it was refreshing to see product placement with products that teenage girls, aka the demographic of the film, can actually afford to buy.

Image Source: Jess Beech

So if you’ve been influenced by Regina to stock up on cargo pants, flip-flops, and a whole load of e.l.f. products, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve put everything I spotted in the film to the test, and you can bag the whole lot for less than £68. Here’s what I thought . . .

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