Feel Like a Trip to Los Cabos? Natural Beauty Brand Ere Perez Has Two Tickets for You

Ere Perez are giving away two return tickets to Los Cabos Mexico
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We don’t know about you but three months into 2022 we could… do with a break. If like us, you’re suffering from a bought of wanderlust we have good news. To celebrate their 20th Anniversary Australian natural beauty brand Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics are offering two return flights to Los Cabos, Mexico and a five-night stay at the Hilton. The prize is valued at $8,500AU, and we suggest you enter the competition here before its close date on the 31st of March.

Now we’ve got the urgent free-travel opportunity related information out of the way, we can talk about Ere Perez. If you’re not familiar, the clean beauty brand was founded in Bondi 20 years ago. As a beauty writer and ex-makeup artist, I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to natural cosmetics, but Ere Perez is worth your while. I’m a huge fan of their multi-purpose cream highlighters and cream blush Carrot Colour Pots ($40.00).

When I had the opportunity to chat with the brand’s founder Ere Perez, I leapt at the chance. You can read our interview below.

Ere Perez founder of Ere Perez Natural Skincare
Ere Perez founder of Ere Perez Natural Skincare

POPSUGAR Australia: Can you tell POPSUGAR a little bit about your background – was beauty always a big part of your life?

Ere Peres: I grew up in Mexico and natural beauty was big in our home. With my Mum, Nana and 10 Aunties, we’d use kitchen ingredients to have beauty fun at home. Beetroot for blush! Sliced tomatoes for face serum and so many DIY masks! It was great to be together and share life advice, there was always lots of talking in the family and easy beauty hacks was part of it too. That is how we ended up with tomato in a moisturiser, arnica in our concealer, beetroot for cheeks or avocado oil on lashes! It comes straight from my real life

PS: As a beauty brand owner how important is sustainability to you?

EP: I’m a mother, I have 3 kids – 12, 10 and 6 yrs. old – and I want them to have a planet to enjoy in years to come. I love challenges and searching for sustainable ways to lead the way in beauty is my biggest passion now. We are focusing on improving our packaging, formulas and eco commitments. We have been pioneers in natural beauty for 20years, and now it’s our goal to be the sustainable choice in beauty. I care about the earth, and we all need to minimise waste and consume ethically. There’s no more time left not to.

I’m all about reused or recycled or refillable or biodegradable – currently, nearly 75% of our range fits one of these categories with more to come!

PS: What beauty products do you always have in your handbag or on your bedside table? 

I love our new wild tomato riche crème. It goes on before I sleep each night and I wake up with the softest skin. Everyone knows how much I need my big lashes too, everyday wearing avocado waterproof mascara makes me feel ready for the day. Also, coconut oil is my hand-cream, deodorant, makeup remover, body moisturiser and hair oil. Nature has the answers! And I love the sleeping beauty tea by Edible Beauty, I have it every evening, it’s so beautiful, soothing and calming. 

PS: What is it like running a business with your partner? How do the two of you maintain a balance?

EP: We don’t get into each other’s business. We trust that each person has their department sorted. Otherwise, you will never make a decision and get caught up in endless arguments. We also have a lot of fun working together, we are truly grateful to have created this amazing family of talented people, passionate about beauty and wellbeing and the earth, and we love the vibrancy of our office in Bondi. I’m a family person, the more the merrier, so I love having family and friends working together.

PS: What changes have you noticed in the beauty industry since starting your business 20 years ago?

EP: So many! The most important I think is that people know how to shop, they are more informed and savvier and really invest in looking after the skin. It’s more about wellness now than perfection. Also, less makeup, more stand-out shades for lips or eyes, and the internet and social media have made things more transparent. The green beauty movement is amazing to see, as it was rare when we started in 2002, but there is still a lot of greenwashing around so you have to do your research and make sure a brand is true to its values.

PS: Why did you choose Los Cabos as the destination partner for your anniversary celebration and what do you think will be Australians’ favourite part of visiting?

EP: Firstly, because I love Mexico! And I wanted to share the roots of our brand with everyone. Los Cabos is a beautiful, colourful part of Mexico, and quite different to anything you find in Australia. Just imagine a desert meeting the sea – on one side the Pacific and on the other, the Sea of Cortez, known as the Aquarium of the world. Plus the amazing cuisine and drinks! There are all kinds of activities from a relaxing spa to zip lines in the middle of the desert. It’s nature, culture, wellness and fun – everything that sums up Ere Perez.

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