Kat's Makeup in “Euphoria” Is Hiding a Darker Reality

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There’s more to Kat Hernandez than meets the eye. As one of the main characters of “Euphoria,” Barbie Ferreira has brought numerous hair and makeup looks to life, but this season’s makeup highlights an internal dissonance that the character has struggled with since season one.

Doniella Davy, the show’s lead makeup artist, posted a collage on Instagram breaking down Kat’s most recent look, and the idea behind her seemingly bright and cheerful makeup was eye-opening. “The mood is romantic and happy, but we know that’s not how Kat’s actually feeling,” Davy writes, “[Kat is] presenting this self assured fresh-faced version of herself in this great relationship but we got to see how she’s really feeling . . . The pressure to feel empowered and positive and to love yourself is f***ing EXHAUSTING!!”

Throughout the first season of the show, viewers see Kat finding her confidence as an online dominatrix, but that confidence is quickly dwindling in season two as she tries to understand why the life that she should want doesn’t seem to align with the one she does want. Her pastel-blue eyeshadow and bright lipstick paint the picture of someone who is composed and confident – everything that viewers know Kat is not right now.

As Kat deals with her feelings, her makeup gets brighter and more impeccably applied, and her friends are none the wiser to her inner turmoil. In the age of social media, Kat’s makeup direction reflects how normalized it has become in modern society to look good even when you don’t feel good. With the looks she’s already provided us with, Kat’s beauty vibe will be interesting to watch as she comes to terms with her feelings for her boyfriend. One thing is for certain: with the dynamic duo that is Davy and Ferreira behind the creations, we’re sure to be glued to our TV screens for “Euphoria” Sundays for the foreseeable future.

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