Can This Facial Replace Fillers? A Beauty Editor Tries it Out

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When Facegym launched in 2015, I was one of the first people to try it out and immediately I was obsessed. I have zero interest in a facial that merely cleans my skin and gives me a little tickle, I want someone to get in there and get my face looking and feeling plumped. Although there are a range of facials on the market which use innovative technology to target everything from fine lines and wrinkles to sagging skin, I still love it when a therapist uses their skills and understanding of skin to target exactly what you need in a way a computer or device could never.

Over the years I have seen FaceGym go from a small chair in the middle of Selfridges to multiple “gyms” around the world and now a large salon space at the back of the beauty hall. FaceGym claims all of its treatments can boost collagen and if you have regular treatments it can replace the need for fillers. I’m always intrigued, and a tad weary, when a facial makes big claims, but when I approached the FaceGym area in the middle of a busy Selfridges and saw every chair filled with clients having their faces pummelled and prodded, I thought there must be something in it.

Read on to find out why this massage helped relieve all the tension in my jaw and why sometimes you need a little pain for the biggest gain.

What Is Facegym Workout?

As I settled down into the chair the therapist asked me what my problem areas were and we discussed my increasingly sagging jawline, lack of cheekbones and puffy eye bags. Not a small task, but she nodded enthusiastically and reassured me she would work on all of the above and I would see results then and there.

With most machine-based facials you will see an immediate benefit but the majority will be obvious a few weeks later as your skin goes through a skin cycle. One of FaceGym’s USPs is that this will give you instant benefits that will last for a few weeks. The therapist also suggested that if you have regular treatments you will see lasting benefit that will mean you have less need for injectables such as fillers and Botox. As I settled in, I couldn’t wait to get started, but not before a famous Bollywood actress popped her head in to see if my therapist could fit her in.

I had the Signature Sculpt (£100 or £80 for members), which is a 45 minute treatment which includes a 30 minute hands on workout and 15 mins of electrical muscle stimulation. This is a small device the therapist glides over the skin using microcurrent. This is a little bit of a tingle, but I wouldn’t describe as painful, especially as they slather you in aloe vera gel to protect the skin. If the idea of the device scares you, or you have a pacemaker, then you can have the treatment without as a full hands-on experience.

The workout starts with a large red ball which is applied to the skin to get the blood pumping, before the lymphatic draining begins. Firstly using massage techniques and then finished with ice cold gua sha tools. I could really notice a difference after this part of the treatment in terms of puffiness under the eyes, which lasted for a good few days afterwards. Once this stage is complete then the micro current device is used. We checked my face after five minutes on one side and you could visibly see the difference. My cheekbones were more snatched and my jawline was lifted.

Who Would Benefit From a Facegym Workout?

Anyone would benefit from this facial, although I do think it really gets results once you hit 30 and your collagen starts to slow down. I think this is a really good option for those who do not want to consider injectables and find machines to be daunting. Although Facegym does offer some electrical devices as part of its treatments this is not the same as sitting under a huge laser or LED light.

What to Consider Before Having a Facegym Workout

If you like a soothing, aromatherapy style facial keep walking. This is not for you. I repeat this is not for you. I honestly know why they call this a workout. I broke out in a sweat. My therapist found a knot in my jaw, thanks to my incessant teeth grinding and tensing, and she worked her fingers in so deep to get rid of all the tension that it hurt. I was also sore for a good few days afterwards. This is a facial for those who want to see and feel active results. It is not one for a spot of indulgent self-care, unless like me you find lymphatic drainage and a heap load of pain really satisfying.

My Facegym Results

Apart from the aching jaw, thanks to the tension released, my face felt lighter and less puffy for a good few days after the treatment. The initial lifting doesn’t last too long, however if I had a big event this would be a great treatment to have the day before or morning of the event as it was really noticeable for hours afterwards. My face felt similar to how your back feels after a good massage, slightly tender but full of elasticity and relaxed. I would highly recommend giving it a go and will be returning for further treatments.

Where Can You Get a Facegym Workout?

You can currently get a Facegym workouts in multiple locations throughout London, as well as in Sydney, New York and LA.


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