This Australian-Made Scrub Removes Old Fake Tan in Just 10 Minutes


Removing old fake tan isn’t fun — and it can leave your skin feeling a little raw. Instead of using an exfoliating mitt — and effectively taking off the top layer of your skin — a tan removing scrub is the way forward. Specifically the Flake Away Fake Tan Remover Scrub ($19.99) by BodyBlendz x Glow Dry. Made using Australian botanicals, this scrub works to flake away old fake tan in 10 minutes. Wild!

Formulated with Himalayan pink and Australian white salts, the Flake Away Scrub gently exfoliates the skin and removes both fake tan and dead skin cells, leaving your skin in perfect condition for a fresh coat of self-tanner. The addition of lime and lemon oils, as well as Kakadu plum extract, helps to even out skin discolourations that can be left behind by stale fake tan.

Rounding out the ingredients is kangaroo paw flower extract and vitamin E to soothe the skin, while sweet almond, avocado, coconut and jojoba oils nourish and add moisture back into the skin. Relying on one product to both exfoliate, strip away fake tan and moisturise your skin feels like a big ask, but what can we say? It works.

To use the Flake Away Scrub, simply soften your skin in the shower or bath. Once your skin is wet, scrub in circular motions for a few minutes, focusing on any areas that need a little more attention. Rinse off with warm water and your skin will feel hydrated and that old tan will be gone.

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