Let Your Zodiac Sign Guide You to the Haircut Trend to Try This Fall

Getty / Edward Berthelot

Why spend hours, if not days, pondering your next haircut when you can let the universe decide for you? (We’re not being sarcastic, we really mean it.) If you’re an astrology-lover, chances are you already let your zodiac sign and monthly/weekly/daily horoscope guide plenty of choices you make, so what’s one more?

Your zodiac sign can be a very telling thing – it reveals your strengths, your weaknesses, what your key personality traits are, and more. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand how a particular sign can match up with a particular haircut trend for fall. Buzz cuts are bold and rebellious like an Aquarius, while textured layers with bangs scream carefree and fun-loving, which perfectly sums up Leos.

If you’re contemplating what haircut trend to try this season, let the stars guide you by picking a hairstyle based on your zodiac sign.

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