I Tried Fenty Beauty’s Viral TikTok Lip Combo – And It’s Changed the Game

Image Source: Aaliyah Harry

When I first saw Fenty’s Beauty Gloss Bomb in the new shade Fuschia Flex (£19), I was almost afraid of it. A magenta pink lip gloss with shimmer? “Not a chance it’s for me,” I thought.

I’m a huge advocate for Fenty Beauty, they were the first brand to do a dedicated extensive foundation shade range and I love a lot of their products. If you’re a beauty enthusiast, it’s hard to ignore the cult favourite Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. It gives lips an explosive shine, and boosts any makeup look. However, I wasn’t initially convinced it would be a workable shade for many people. It also takes a lot to steer me away from my trusty brown and nude lip combos – Fuchsia Flex just felt too out of the box.

However, once I saw beauty content creator Evelyn Ropafadzo (known on TikTok as @makeupbymissevelyn) create a lip combo that made the shade feel less intimidating, I was intrigued. After seeing that video, it was like a flood – hundreds of beauty creators have now started duplicating the lip combo. From Uche Natori to Samantha Harvey, this lip combo has taken TikTok by storm. Uche’s video replicating the look has also gone viral with over 2.2 million views and that is growing by the day.

The lip combos I’ve seen dominating TikTok pair Fenty’s Fuchsia Flex Gloss Bomb with MAC Cosmetics’ Nightmoth or Chestnut lip liner. Start by lining your lips making a precise line. Then start to shade in a bit on the corner of your lips. After you’ve achieved a slight ombre effect, apply the Fuchsia Flex gloss bomb all over the lips for the finished look.

Image Source: Aaliyah Harry

After trying it, I noticed that the key to making this magenta shade work is getting a good, complimenting lip liner. The shade isn’t as intimidating once you pair it with one. The deep purple of Nightmoth and the deep brown tones of Chestnut do well to counter the shimmery magenta pink shade.

For people with deeper skin tones, it can often be tricky to make bright shades like this work. It can take a lot of trial and error with hundreds of different products, but TikTok have blessed us with a ready-made formula. On deeper skin tones especially, this combo really works well to bring a pop of colour to any look.


After I used the lipgloss, I started to wonder if the product could be elevated further. Dewy makeup continues to grow in popularity, especially with the rise of the skin minimalism trend. The dewy look is all about making your skin and makeup look like you’re glowing from within. We’ve also watched the glossy eye-lid trend continue to dominate social media and runways. To achieve this it requires you to use the same lip gloss from your lips on your eyelids. A glossy glow on the eyelids gives your face the illusion of added hydration and fits right into this current dewy trend.

It’s often hard to find a lipgloss with a strong pigment that will also work on the eyelids. But because of Fuchsia Flex’s intense colour pay off and shimmery glitter, I wondered if this would also make a perfect eyelid colour. So, here are the results:

Image Source: Aaliyah Harry

The verdict is in. Fenty’s Fuchsia flex is clearly a unique yet universal shade that works with many skin tones. It’s a shade unlike anything else I have in my collection. The intense colour pigment also allows for multi-use application in your makeup bag. Fuchsia Flex has also reminded me to step out of the box a bit when it comes to shade selction. Rihanna, you’ve done it again!

Aaliyah Harry (she/her) is the associate editor at POPSUGAR UK. She writes extensively across lifestyle, culture and beauty. Aaliyah also has a deep passion for telling stories and giving voice to the voiceless. Previously, she has contributed to Refinery29, Grazia UK and The Voice Newspaper.

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