Does Fenty Skin’s New “Cookies N Clean” Clay Mask Actually Work For Every Skin Type? Here’s Our Verdict

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Supplied, Ruby Feneley

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At POPSUGAR Australia, we’re huge fans of Rihanna and her inclusive beauty brand Fenty – where they lead, the beauty industry follows. So of course we would cover the launch of their new mask, Cookies N Clean, a Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask ($48) launching at Sephora Australia today.

Rihanna says of the launch: “I wanted to create a detoxifying face mask that would work and be caring enough to leave your skin looking and feeling soft and smooth – never tight or dried out.” Fenty’s Cookies N Clean claims to leave your pores minimised, your complexion refined and shine minimised all day. And it’s suitable even for sensitive skin types.

I have sensitive and dehydrated skin, so clay masks are generally a no-go for me. But I was curious to put Fenty’s claims to the test. Of course, I wanted to know how it performed for oily skin types too, so I enlisted the help of my colleague Natasha, Lifestyle Producer at Thrillist. Read our thoughts below!

Ruby, Beauty and Wellness Producer
Skin type: Dry

As mentioned, I’m dry. While I occasionally experience congestion, a clay mask isn’t generally something I’ll reach for. I usually stick to exfoliating pads. I’ve found recently that with a return to the office and events, and wearing layers of sunscreen and makeup every day (and maybe a little extra stress thrown in) skin has been more congested than usual. After my double cleanse and tone, my face doesn’t really feel… clean at the end of the day.

Ruby Feneley with oily skin
Neither looking or feeling my best pre-mask.

It was the perfect time to give Cookies N Clean a crack. As mentioned by Natasha, Cookies N Clean has an unusual texture for a clay mask – somewhere between a jelly and a souffle.

The charcoal powder that gives masks their dry texture is encapsulated in a glycerine base (the humectant is one of the top ingredients). This base keeps the bentonite and kaolin clay soft – it’s only once the charcoal powder is released that the mask really begins to dry down. Other dry and sensitive skin-friendly ingredients include soothing panthenol (Vitamin B3) and salicylic acid, the magic ingredient deep into your pores.

Fenty Beauty Cookies N Clean Face Mask Texture
Fenty Skin’s Cookies N Clean ($48)Face Mask Texture

The charcoal beads burst as you work cookies and clean into your skin. You know the mask is ready once it’s transformed from white to dark grey. The mask does dry down, but it never feels tight.

And now for the results.

After washing off Cookies n’ Clean, my skin felt INCREDIBLY soft, like velvet. I was a little pink, but that quickly settled down. It also had that deep clean feeling. I didn’t feel dry, just FRESH, and as you’ll see in the before and after, my skin texture definitely looked refined. The “so-fresh-so-clean” feeling lasted all the next day. I will continue to use Cookies n Clean for a quick fix for congested skin, with longer-term results.

Ruby Feneley post Fenty, Cookies N Clean ($48)
That post-Fenty velvet-skin moment.

Natasha, Lifestyle Producer at Thrillist
Skin type: Oily

Natasha Bazika, Oily Skinned Girl
Natasha Bazika has always had oily skin.

I have oily skin. I’m not sure if genetics, humidity or hormones causes it, but all year-round, my skin has a thin sheen of oil on it 99% of the time. As you can imagine, this can get quite annoying, especially in the summer months.

I love a clay mask. I usually use something with activated charcoal in it to soak up the excess oil. Nothing has worked quite as well as the Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean mask. Once you get past the gelatin-like feel of the mask, it’s as easy as rubbing it into your skin. The texture is very soft and won’t scrub your face, but after 15 minutes, my pores were tight. Cookies N Clean soaked up the sheen of oil and the following day, when I woke up, I didn’t have oily skin. For the first time in a long time, I’ve woken up with dewy skin.

The mask is whipped clay, a texture I find works best for oily skin. The best part is the activated charcoal, which after rubbing on your face, helps detoxify. My face felt fresh, clean and hydrated. My pores were noticeably smaller too. I will be using the face mask twice a week from now on!

Fenty Skin, Cookies N Clean, Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask ($48) is available in-store and online at Sephora Australia today.

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