How Knowing Your “Curl Type” Will Help You Achieve Your Summer Hair Goals

How to find your curl type
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From 3D curls, “texture waves,” arse grazing Botticelli locks and loose seventies perms, curls have enjoyed a moment in 2022. As we saw at Fashion Week — where curls, texture and whimsical frizz abounded — hair looks with dimension, movement and natural shine are all the rage.

But with summer fast approaching, embracing your “natural texture” can feel like setting yourself up for a frizz-fest. This is where knowing your curl type becomes essential, and even if you don’t consider yourself a “curly girl” you probably have one. We spoke to some very curly girls about their troubles with finding the right hair products and hacks, and Adelle Cousins — founder of Boss Curl Co haircare — about finding your curl type and unlocking your best hair.

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Why Is It So Hard to Find the Right Products for Your Curl Type?

Remember the Curly Girl Method? The once-viral TikTok trends like the curly girl method experienced a bit of a backlash once people actually… tried it. “When I did it I looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo,” said a colleague in a quick office poll, who’d hoped for a TikTok glamazon model-blow dry. Another team member said her Curly Girl Method reveal had her racing for her hair straightener.  

But, while overly complicated, there is some wisdom in the curly girl method. Understanding your curl type will help you navigate trips to the haircare aisle, keep your hair frizz-free throughout the day, and get the most out of your locks. Indeed, you might not even know you have a curl type, because typically only some curls get attention.

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Yet another participant in our very scientific curly hair office poll has had serious issues finding curl products for her fine, curly hair that’s prone to oiliness.

For Angela, buttery, rich and nourishing curl products “weigh down [her] curls or have [her] looking like an oil slick by lunchtime.” While she believes there is a “pretty curl structure hiding somewhere in [her] mop,” finding the right products is damn near impossible.”

Finding Your Curl Type: 

Want to celebrate your natural texture? The first thing is accepting it. “There’s no such thing as a bad curl,” says Adelle Candice Cousins, found of Boss Curl Co, “anyone with a slight kink in their hair can have bouncy beautiful curls without too much fuss.” 

It’s also a common misconception that only people with very tight curls can benefit from knowing their curl type. From slight waves to ringlets and tight coils, the curl pattern of your hair will influence how it sits throughout the day, how vulnerable it is to heat damage, and what and how much product it needs to hold its form.

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Adelle had her own frizzy mane to manage when she got interested in haircare. Growing up with curly hair in the ‘90s and early 2000s meant navigating hair care aisles full of crunchy mousse and slippery gels that weighed down finer curls, or created unnatural texture.

When curl-specific products did hit the market, they had a “one size fits all” approach to curls. This is why Boss Curl Co ranges lightweight volumising shampoos and conditioners found in their The Wavy Kit ($189) to nourishing, cuticle sealing options for coarse and porous strands found in The Frizz Off Kit ($199).

Most importantly? There’s the curl-type quiz to guide would-be curly queens on their hair journeys. The quiz helps you identify whether you have fine and wavy hair (2A and 2B) or classic curls and spiral curls (3A and 3B) as well as coiled and corkscrew coils we’re seeing all over the gram.

Each hair type requires different products, treatments and styling to achieve a controlled, rather messy texture – and the locks of your Summer dreams.

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