Teeny Tiny Finger Tattoo Inspiration to Add to Your Saved Folder

Instagram @sally_coil / @dovmemarket

If you’re thinking about getting your first tattoo, starting with one on your finger could be the best option. Finger tattoos are small, don’t take long to complete and depending on where you position the ink, can be easily hidden if needed. Finger tattoos are often tiny, dainty works of art — something you can look at and appreciate every day.

Some of your favourite celebrities are fans of the finger tattoo, with the likes of Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Zoë Kravitz all having multiple tattoos on their fingers. Below, we’ve compiled a selection of finger tattoos for you to add to your saved folder so when you are ready to pull the trigger on a tattoo, you’ll have the inspo ready to go.

It must be mentioned that finger tattoos can fade a little quicker compared to other tattoos, given how much you wash your hands, so be prepared that you may need to revisit your artist for touch-ups every now and then.

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