What You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo, From Celeb Tattoo Artist Lauren Winzer


Lauren Winzer’s work is highly sought after. The Sydney-based tattoo artist has inked the likes of Miley Cyrus and Joe Jonas and she’s even responsible for the tiny Playboy bunny on Post Malone’s cheek. A quick scroll through Winzer’s Instagram shows just how talented she is, with her work ranging from floral designs to intricate pieces that cover one’s whole back.

Given the permanency of this body art, making sure you love your design is important. Recent research from Bepanthen Tattoo found that nearly 48 percent of inked Australians decided on their tattoo design on the spot, while only four in 10 still love their ink as much as when they first got it.

To find out how to prepare for your first tattoo (and not regret the experience!), POPSUGAR Australia chatted to Lauren Winzer about all things body ink tips, including how to care for your fresh ink.

POPSUGAR: What should people getting their first tattoo know before their appointment?

Lauren Winzer: Make sure you’ve eaten a good meal because it’s best for your body to be as healthy as it can be so that your immune system can heal with ease. Eating beforehand will also prevent you from feeling light-headed during the appointment as there’s so much exciting energy going around – it can be a lot! 

PS: What steps can people take to *not* regret their first tattoo?

LW: Really think about what you’re getting and sit on it for a while, whether that’s a few months or years. If you still love it when you revisit it, you’re going to love it forever! Also, I’d recommend that it has some sentimental reason for your first tattoo, whether it’s for family or a pet or just a fond childhood memory. No matter what, you will always love it because it will mean something to you.

Also, do your research! With the internet, you have limitless resources to find the artist best suited to your style and what you’re after so that they can understand and interpret your idea as best they can for you.

PS: How long would you recommend people waiting between getting their first tattoo and their second?

LW: I don’t! Some people get their second in the same session haha! The first tattoo and experience are so important because it determines whether you’re open to more or not. I only wanted two, but after getting my first I was so happy — it was like the floodgates opened up for all my other ideas. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it yourself, but the first one is the one to really think about, then go as crazy as you want from there.

PS: How should people take care of their tattoos?

LW: Keep them clean, relatively dry i.e. no soaking in water or swimming, but shower as usual and use a good specialist aftercare cream such as Bepanthen Tattoo Aftercare and Protection Ointment. It will help keep your tattoo moisturised and protected from getting infected. The healing is just as important because it maintains the quality of your tattoo.

PS: Australians have a love of tattoos — do you notice trends in tattoo designs? What are some of the current trends?

LW: I see a lot more people going for fine and smaller tattoos, which opens up the doors for so many people who want to be tattooed but can’t find a style to suit them. Another trend that I find very popular is old ’80s designs being reimagined and finessed. For example, I’m seeing the tramp stamp making a huge comeback along with tribal designs.

PS: Have you noticed an increase in the number of people getting tattoos since the beginning of the pandemic?

LW: We haven’t stopped since we reopened! Tattoos can really make you feel good and confident. They can also feel like a treat especially as people aren’t able to travel and with not as much to do, we are definitely noticing a lot more people coming in which is awesome and nice to be a part of making someone feel good through all this craziness!

PS: What are some of your favourite designs you’ve tattooed on your celeb clients?

LW: I love the mini avo I did for Miley, the ’90s cartoon characters I did for Joe Jonas, and the playboy I did on Post Malone’s face. However, one of my all-time favourites has to be these Thierry Mugler alien designs I did for famous drag queen and good friend, Detox from RuPaul’s Drag Race!

PS: What do you love most about being a tattoo artist?

LW: I don’t even know where to start! Being creative every day is amazing and I still can’t believe I can make a living from it! I get to make new art almost every day and it’s such a blessing to make my own and collaborate with my clients and friends.

But I’ve got to say the best part is the family I have made through my shop, including my best friends and boyfriend who I also met through the shop, as well as all the amazing places and experiences it’s opened up for me! 

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