Channel ’90s Nostalgia With These Fun Gender-Neutral Nail Decals From 2 Aussie Creatives

Flowerbed Nails

While they might one of the smallest parts of your body’s real estate, your fingernails (and toenails!) really provide a blank canvas to be creative and truly express yourself. When it comes to nail art, the options are truly endless — giving you the opportunity to show your personality with wild and whimsical designs.

And, while we love and appreciate the true genius of nail artists, it isn’t always possible to fork out money on these creations. This is where nail decals come in and specifically those created by Flowerbed Nails, which is the brainchild of two Bondi-based creatives Crimson Dunstan and Bridie Alman.

Remember those sweet little nail stickers you played with as a kid? Well, these are basically the same but the designs are far more in line with our current tastes. In fact, the Launch Party Collection ($15), which has been designed in collaboration with AfterHours, is dripping in ’90s nostalgia and we’re so here for it.

The designs also feature a heavy dose of Harry Styles meets Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour and A$AP Rocky inspo, so they walk the line between fresh and nostalgic pretty well. Going forward, each new collection of Flowerbed Nails will feature collaborations with artists, musicians and trends.

“The idea for Flowerbed was born in lockdown,” co-founder Crimson Dunstan said in a press release. “We couldn’t go to salons and we were failing with our at-home attempts to create nail art. When salons reopened, we were too broke to afford professional manis and were keen to find a way to do it ourselves.”

Each sheet of Flowerbed Nails decals come with 110 stickers and once applied to your nails, should last up to two weeks. Simply peel, stick and swipe on a coat of clear polish to ensure the stickers will stay put. You can pop the stickers straight on your bare nails or add them to a colourful home manicure — whatever floats your boat.

The decals are also gender-neutral, vegan, cruelty-free and according to Flowerbed Nails, have been “tested on nails at house parties across Australia”. If that’s not a good endorsement, we don’t know what is. To celebrate the launch of these cute decals, Flowerbed is DM-ing 20 percent off codes to all Instagram followers who post a story with the ‘Flowerbed People’ filter and tag @flowerbed_nails.

For more information and to shop the decals, head to the Flowerbed Nails website.

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