This Makeup Artist Hack Will Help You Apply Foundation More Efficiently

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Everyone has their preferred method of applying foundation. Some prefer using their fingers, while others swear by a sponge. For many people, a makeup brush is the only way. For those using a brush, the most common way of applying the product is usually by squirting the foundation straight onto the brush before applying to the face.

When you do it this way, have you ever noticed how much product is absorbed by the brush? A quick look at the makeup brush will usually show just how much foundation has dropped into the brush, rather than being dispersed onto your skin. And, thanks to a recent TikTok discovery, this ingenious hack by makeup artist Tamra Lords prevents foundation wastage from occurring.

“If you put foundation on with a brush, you’re going to want to listen up because you’re doing it wrong,” Lords said in her TikTok video. She then went on to demonstrate the most common foundation application method of popping foundation straight on the brush, but she highlights the issue with this instantly.

“This product just went straight into my brush, which means that it’s going to get deep into your bristles and not give you as much coverage as you thought,” Lords said.

Instead of using your hand or the brush, Lords recommends popping the foundation onto a non-porous surface — like a foundation bottle lid — and applying it straight to your face before buffing it in with the brush. At no time do you dollop the foundation straight onto the brush.

According to Lords, this hack should also help increase the amount of coverage you get on your skin as well. “You’re going to use a lot less product and get a ton more coverage and you won’t have to wash your brushes as quickly either,” Lords said. Watch the video below.


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