The $14.99 Supermarket Body Lotion That’s Made Me Silky Soft for Summer


A few weeks ago, when out with some friends enjoying the beautiful sunshine, I caught a glimpse of my legs beneath my skirt and was mortified that I had (once again!) neglected them over the winter, rendering them scaly and dry.

“Why, oh why do I do this every year?” I lamented to myself as I put on my party hat for my very own pity party. But, as the problem solver I am, I decided to cut the party short and head on over to the grocery store to remedy my reptile-like skin and get my body silky soft for summer.

Into the supermarket, I headed where I was met with a wall of creams and lotions all claiming to rid me of my scales and transform me into the dewy and supple-skinned princess I know I really am. One range jumped out at me immediately with its colourful tubs and ingredients so good you could eat them — almost.

Avocado & Omega 6, Aloe Vera & Magnesium, Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid, Cocoa & Ceramide; I mean I know these ingredients are magic for my insides, so it only makes sense they’d do a world of good to my outsides, too. Hello, Garnier’s Body Superfood range.

Being the typical Gen Y that I am, I opted for the Avocado & Omega 6 body lotion, because let’s face it, any chance we’re able to get our hands on avocado, we’ll take it, right?

Specially designed for normal to dry skin, the rich and creamy texture of this lotion was the hydration my skin had been craving over the harsh winter months and I began to see results almost instantly.

So, what are the benefits of Avocado and Omega 6 on the body? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Omega 6, when ingested, is great at maintaining bone health and regulating your metabolism, but what about when we apply it to our skin? Omega 6 has superpowers when it comes to creating a moisture barrier that helps increase hydration in the skin. As for avocado, although making a tasty breakfast treat, when applied to your skin, it can help prevent dry skin, improve skin elasticity and an overall healthy skin appearance.

I love to apply it all over my body after my shower each night before heading to bed smelling fresh and know my skin is slurping it all up as I head off to sleep.

You can also say goodbye to squeezing the last drops out of a tube, because this body cream comes in an easy-to-use tub, making it ideal to get every last inch of the product out. It’s also 100 percent recyclable so after you’re left feeling good on the outside, you can feel good on the inside knowing you’re doing your bit to recycle.

Good riddance to scaly and dry legs and hello to silky soft skin.

To check out the entire range of Garnier Body Superfood creamshead to the Garnier website or pick up a tub at your local Coles.

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