Good Hair Days Every Day Are in Sight With GHD Offering 20% Off Today and Tomorrow


True to its name, ghd is synonymous with good hair days around the world. And now, 20 years since it first burst onto the scene in 2001, the British hair tool brand is celebrating all the good hair days it’s helped people achieve during that time with a global Official Good Hair, held this Saturday, March 26.

To mark the occasion, the brand is offering a whopping 20% off its tools, including curling tongs, hair straighteners and thin wands, today (Friday, March 26) and tomorrow (Saturday, March 26).

If you’re keen to take advantage and score yourself some discounted ghd tools but aren’t sure what exactly to buy, not to fear – we’ve got you covered. Ahead, we share the best products to buy based on your face shape and hairstyle.

But first, because if you’re anything like me and aren’t quite sure what to even call your face shape, how can you find out what it is?

“I think the best way to find out what face shape you are is to take a whiteboard pen (or something you can wipe off a mirror), close one eye and literally draw around your face on the mirror,” says Jordan Thomas, hairstylist and education executive for ghd Australia. “Make sure you tie your hair back and your drawing your face shape and not the shape of your hair.”

“You can now stop winking and you’re left with a shape that resembles your face. You then want to draw a square around circular faces, and an oval around square-looking faces. Whatever negative areas you are left with is the area you need to fill with hair. The aim of the game is to get your face looking as oval as possible.”

So, now that you know your face shape, Thompson shares the best tools to use for each face shape.


What hairstyle should you be aiming for? The ideal face shape — you can do anything!

ghd tool & product choice: The world is your oyster! Try something bold with ghd’s New Curve thin wand and create tight bouncy curls.


What hairstyle should you be aiming for? Soften jaw, creating width from cheekbones and below.

ghd tool & product choice: Soft Curl Tong & curly ever after 


What hairstyle should you be aiming for? Create height and width to give the illusion of an oval.

ghd tool & product choice: helios & bodygoals


What hairstyle should you be aiming for? Create width and avoid adding more height/root volume as this will accentuate the oblong shape.

ghd tool & product choice: Curl with Max wide hair straightener & curly ever after OR Use rise throughout mid-lengths and ends avoiding roots.


What hairstyle should you be aiming for? Create width at the root and width in the mid-lengths to give the illusion of oval.

ghd tool & product choice: Platinum+ & curly ever after


What hairstyle should you be aiming for? Add height and root volume — give this illusion of a longer, slimmer face.

ghd tool & product choice: ghd ris hot brush & Pick Me Up

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