Visit Milan, Florence, Kyoto and Tahaa With Glasshouse Fragrances’ New Perfumes

Glasshouse Fragrances

Setting off on an international jaunt isn’t possible for Australians right now but there are small ways that we can channel travel right at home. Diving into a book or watching a gripping series set in a distant land is one surefire way. Another is through scent.

Certain scents can transport you to a different time and place, with smell having the strongest tie to memory. In fact, it’s estimated that 75 percent of all emotions experienced during the day are caused by smell, so put your nose to the test and sniff your way to a foreign place.

The newest offering from Glasshouse Fragrances allows you to do just that, with the brand launching its Eau De Parfum collection, which has been 15 years in the making.

Inspired by places around the world, the fragrances are called Forever Florence, Kyoto in Bloom, Midnight in Milan and A Tahaa Affair Devotion ($99.95 each).

Glasshouse Fragrances

And, as you can imagine, each scent is formulated to take you to that very place. Kyoto in Bloom contains top notes of pineapple and citrus as well as lotus, clove and sandalwood to create a floral aroma — the perfect scent to channel the Kyoto streets. A Tahaa Affair Devotion, replicated after the brand’s best selling candle, offers a butterscotch caramel meets jasmine scent to take you to the island in French Polynesia.

The Milan-inspired fragrance contains saffron, dry amber, cedar and rose to create a floral-forward scent while Forever Florence is a more powdery aroma with notes of citrus, pear, musk, amber and lily. Those missing their yearly travels to Italy need look no further than these beauties.

“I have always believed that through scent, we have the power to transport ourselves to anywhere we want to be,” said Glasshouse founder Nicole Eckels in a press release.

“When I started Glasshouse Fragrances in 2006, I set out to create the world’s best fragrance brand.

Glasshouse Fragrances

“I started with candles, blending scents and wax in my kitchen, and over the years, we worked to expand to a range of personal care products, and in 2020, we finally launched a range of 14ml Eau de parfums. In 2021, after much anticipation and by popular demand, we will finally launch full-sized bottles. Completing the dream, I have always had.”

To make sure the exterior of the products matched the luxurious interior, Eckels worked with renowned bottle designer Pierre Dinand to create a bespoke design for the new fragrances. The result is circular faceted glass bottles that catch the light perfectly, paired with a block magnetic lid — the perfect companion for your bathroom vanity.

Luxury in the form of travel isn’t available to us right now, but luxury in the form of an olfactory vacation is. Take the small wins where you can — this is most definitely the most accessible and affordable holiday you’ll ever take!

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