Glasshouse’s New Candle Collection Is Here and Sure to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


There’s nothing quite like opening a new candle — from the packaging to the scent, it’s undoubtedly an experience. For those wanting to delve into a new collection that sparks joy, Sugar Coated by GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES is designed to do just that.

Featuring indulgent scents that have been created with honeyed complexity, the fragrances in the Sugar Coated line-up are perfect for those who love to end every meal with something sweet. With edible notes of vanilla, caramel, praline, citrus and sugared fruit, these candles smell good enough to eat (but, of course, should be enjoyed with just your nose!).

The magic of this new collection by GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES is that it has been designed to be a six-course dessert degustation and is intended to take you on an indulgent scent journey. According to GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES, “each of the six candles in the collection are uniquely formulated to elicit a different sensory experience, and with each burn creating a playful nostalgic ambience”.

Just like each scent created by GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES, this collection is housed in beautiful iridescent glass vessels, showing the brand’s commitment to creating luxury products at an affordable price, with each candle costing $54.95.

With names like Sweet Enough (which is reminiscent of rich salted caramel), Rich & Famous (iced mocha) Movie Night (caramel popcorn and choc tops — yum!) and Party On (birthday cake and sprinkles), there is sure to be something for every taste.

To shop your very own sweet (candle) treat, head to the GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES website.

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