Grimes’s Tattoo Collection Includes a Massive Leg and Back Tattoo


Dedicated fans of Grimes might know that the avant-garde musician has a singular sense of artistry that extends well beyond her music. The pop star recently expanded their ever-evolving tattoo collection by debuting two new designs in June – a massive piece of ink that spans nearly her entire left leg and a smaller ear tattoo. (The latter of which brought her closer than she’s even been to getting a face tattoo, she tweeted after the fact.)

In addition to these two new designs, Grimes has at least 25 known tattoos. Though several pieces in her collection share a running theme of alien scars, including her white-ink chest and back markings, it might surprise you that most of her tattoos are born out of spur-of-the-moment decisions. “I never decide until 10 minutes before I’m getting a tattoo what it’s going to be,” she shared in a 2016 story with Teen Vogue. Grimes frequently works with tattooists, such as Delphine Noiztoy, Jancob, and Nusi Quero, to come up with ideas for her new ink, but they’ve also given themselves multiple stick-and-poke tattoos.

Because Grimes has increased her total number of tattoos exponentially in recent years, it might be hard for fans to keep track of all of their designs. So, we’ve created an ultimate guide, allowing you to revisit almost all of Grime’s tattoos that she’s gotten over the years. From her LOTR-inspired Elvish script ink to her prominent brush stroke-style leg design, take a closer look at her eccentric ink collection and learn what all of them mean to the singer, ahead.

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