The Grunge Girl Aesthetic Is Having a Moment — Here’s How to Channel It

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TikTok is a weird and wonderful place, with its nail polish hacks and skincare advice as well as the number of trends that pop up on the platform. The most recent trend to gain popularity on the app is hair horns, which falls under the E-girl aesthetic. The grunge girl aesthetic is also having a moment, thanks to a number of TikTok creators.

In fact, according to Glamour, the hashtags #grungeaesthetic, #grungegirl and #grungemakeup have over 180 million views combined. The edgy aesthetic is all about cool vibes which are manifested in messy hair, smoky eyes and of course, the most important ingredient, attitude. If you’re keen to try this aesthetic for yourself but have already got the smoky eyeshadow look down pat, here are a few other things you can do.

Contrasting Highlights

You might have seen some of your favourite Instagram girls rocking this style, including the likes of Sydney-based influencer Cartia Mallan who had adorable pink highlights. Whatever colour the highlights may be — pink, blue, blonde etc — they are often applied to the front of the hair, to frame the face and are always paired with effortlessly messy, undone hair.

Exaggerated Eye Bags

While hair horns might have seemed like an odd trend, this one is similarly surprising. A key element of the grunge girl aesthetic is to have defined dark undereye circles. The trend here is not just to leave the undereye without concealer but to actually highlight the darkness of the eye bags. Some TikTok users even use a brown-coloured lipstick swiped underneath their eyes to accentuate the I-haven’t-sleep look.

Space Buns

You’ve seen space buns on the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande, but these are also a key competent of the grunge girl aesthetic. As per Glamour, this trend takes inspiration from the ’90s grunge scene and the outcome you’re looking for is slightly messy buns, with hair pulled out at the front so the finished look isn’t too polished.

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