8 Drool-Worthy Fall Hair-Color Trends That Look Even Better Than They Sound

Getty / Daniel Zuchnik

If banana bread had a publicist (and what a good publicist she’d be at this current juncture), you can picture her trembling at this fall’s upcoming hair colour trends – or at least inviting them out for brunch. Frankly, they sound downright delicious.

From “Champagne pop” to “espresso black,” these hues clearly take inspiration from the best things in life around you. They’re also designed for easy upkeep: “My current recommendation to any client would be a low-maintenance hair colour, which means switching from permanent colors to demi- or semipermanent color, or balayage,” Karissa Schaudt, a colorist at Maxine Salon, told POPSUGAR. “These are created to have a seamless grow-out and require minimal upkeep – especially during a pandemic, when touchups aren’t as scheduled.”

Most importantly, added colorist Rex Jimieson: “This year, we want our color to transition gracefully into fall by staying away from overly cool or artificial colors. They are the hardest to wear as we lose our summer glow in our skin. I would stay away from blue-based dyes especially such as gray or extrastrong ash tones. They are great for editorial moments with the right makeup lighting and editing but are very fade-resistant and harder to wear against natural skin with no makeup.”

Need more concrete examples? For the most mouthwatering hair colours that are somehow – some way! – even better than they sound, keep reading. We’re breaking down the seven biggest color trends to try in the coming months.

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