6 Haircut Trends to Bump to the Top of Your Mood Board

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Planning your next haircut can look a little like mapping out a vacation: you do your due diligence to research the best possible spot, Pin dreamy inspiration photos to your mood board, and seek recommendations from those who know exactly what to do. This feeling, we’re most positive, has rung especially true after two-plus months of salon closures and stay-home orders . . . in which people have resorted to trimming their own hair in a last-ditch effort to keep ends healthy.

Now that most salons are in at least the beginning stages of reopening across the country, you can begin your prep work for the perfect cut yet again. What can you expect to see everywhere in the coming months, then? According to Michael Dueñas, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Support Creatives, the overarching theme will be all about the grow-out.

“We saw two groups of people during this time of quarantine,” he said. “We had people who gave themselves DIY haircuts, either a bob and chopped all their hair off. Something about the pandemic fueled us to chop our hair for a different look and sense of change. Those bobs will be growing out into shags, and a lot of those shags will have bangs that are going to be swept to the side. And then conversely, we had people who didn’t do anything to their hair and just grew it out.”

We repeat: styles this season are not going to look like styles of yore: “Most of the time you see long hair being cut into bobs for the summer, but this season will definitely be different. We saw bobs a lot earlier in the year, so in turn these are going to be growing out into longer looks.”

Traverse through this virtual adventure of upcoming hair trends to start planning for now, especially when you can’t plan for much else, ahead.

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