We’re Ignoring Everything but These 7 Spring Hairstyle Trends From Here on Out

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There’s enough stress in the world right now over Tom Hanks and toilet paper and the fact that we all need an iPhone app to remember to drink enough water in a day, so when it comes to hairstyles to wear this season, there should be zero fuss. Fortunately, the looks you can expect in the coming months are exactly as they should be: simple.

“There will be two overarching tiers of hair trends for Spring: the conservative styles and the progressive styles,” said Devin Toth, NYC-based hairstylist at Salon SCK. “There will be trends that give space for people who want a safe, subtle, less-is-more, natural hairstyling approach – ones that don’t require in-your-face drama. Then, there will be the trends for people who are feeling more free and adventurous after this ‘corona Winter’ and election season. These bold hairstyles are cool for people who are fearless of judgment and just don’t care anymore.”

Call it our favourite new DGAF – or at least, give fewer f*cks – approach to beauty that everyone deserves right now. As Michelle Cleveland, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Hair Addict Salon, put it: “Unlike the polished, glass-like looks we’ve been seeing so far this year, this season is about carefree hair – less styling products and more texture.”

Ahead, Toth and Cleveland are breaking down seven hairstyle trends worth the temporary reprieve, so you can finally start getting excited about Spring again.

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