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Hairstylists Wearing Goggles at the Salon Amid Coronavirus

Why You Might See Hairstylists Wearing Goggles at Salon Appointments Now

You may already feel like a NASA astronaut gearing up for a trip to the moon any time you step into the salon these days, but hairstylists are going beyond your standard facial-mask coverings to keep clients safe from the novel coronavirus. In fact, it seems goggles are now being introduced into the mix as well — and for good reason.

With phased reopenings now underway in all 50 states, specific safety precautions have swiftly followed, including temperature checks, more frequent sanitation stations, and banning the use of blow-driers. The intention, of course, is the same: to stay protected from the air around you and potential transmission, including via the eye area. LA-based hairstylist Elle Hoppenstedt said she's personally chosen to wear goggles, in addition to two KN95 masks and doing limited face-to-face talking, while working on anyone's hair to lower the risk of exposure.

"At this time when many hairstylists are having to go back to work, it is my number one priority to protect myself and my clients," she said. "Even if we aren't fully certain of how the virus is transmitted, it is believed to be aerosolized droplets from breathing and speaking responsible for its spread, which can enter the body through the nose, mouth, or eyes. That's why I've chosen to wear [them], with the sole purpose of protecting everyone around me. It's a lot of responsibility, but until this country can effectively flatten the curve or develop a vaccine, these are the lengths I am willing to go to somehow make a living in these stressful times."

As they say, it's better to be safe than sorry — so you can actually enjoy that good hair day.

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