Haley Lu Richardson’s Tattoo on “The White Lotus 2” is Real – Here’s What It Means


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  • Actor Haley Lu Richardson has two known tattoos so far.
  • Richardson’s first ink is a tribute to her late grandmother.
  • Keep reading to see Richardson’s tattoos and learn each one’s meanings.

Haley Lu Richardson first made her debut with Disney Channel’s popular sitcom “Shake It Up,” followed by an appearance in ABC’s supernatural drama “Ravenswood.” The actor has since displayed incredible acting flair with her scene-stealing performances in the psychological thriller “Split,” the coming-of-age comedy “The Edge of Seventeen,” and the critically lauded “Unpregnant.” Most recently, Richardson stars in HBO’s season two of “The White Lotus,” where she plays Portia, secretary of Tanya (iconically played by fan-favorite Jennifer Coolidge), who’s always at her beck and call even on vacation in Italy, much to her dismay.

Throughout the anthology miniseries, Richardson can be seen with a small quote design placed on her right forearm, which, many viewers may not know, is not a temporary piece of ink. That is one of the two tattoos that Richardson has in real life, with another being a touching tribute to her late maternal grandmother. If you, too, are wondering what the inspirations behind these designs are, read on to get a complete breakdown of the Richardson’s entire tattoo collection, including their sweet meanings.

Haley Lu Richardson’s Rib-Cage Tattoo

Richardson got a drawing of a little angel tattooed on her left upper rib cage in honor of her late grandmother. “It’s a little angel that I drew when I was two years old, of my mom’s mom, who died when my mom was really young,” she told Women’s Health in a March 2022 video interview. “I saw her up in the corner of my bedroom when I was two years old. And my mom was like, ‘Who are you waving at?’ And I was like, ‘Your mommy.’ And she said, ‘Draw a picture.’ So I drew a picture, and now it’s on me forever. My grandma.”

She also shared her mom’s emotional reaction to unveiling this tribute to her grandma with the outlet, saying, “My mom always was like, ‘Never get tattoos, Haley. Please, they’re so cheap. You’ll hate them when you’re older,’ all these things. But I knew, like, I’m gonna show my mom this tattoo, and she’s gonna be a changed woman. She’s gonna like tattoos now. And I showed her, and she cried. She was very moved by it, and she loves it.”

Haley Lu Richardson’s Forearm Tattoo

The actor also has the words “A Life That’s Good” inked vertically on her right forearm, which, she shared, is in her father’s handwriting. This it the same design you may have spotted in “The White Lotus 2.” As for what it means? In an interview with Women’s Health, Richardson revealed that this piece was a nod to the track title that deeply moved her that featured on the country-music drama “Nashville,” which aired from 2012 to 2018.

“The two little girls, the daughters of Connie Britton, Lennon and Maisy – I’m obsessed with them – sing this song called ‘A Life That’s Good’ on that show,” she said. “The music on that show was actually so good, and the lyrics are so powerful to a lot of the songs. But the song stuck with me so much after watching that show . . . and it’s so nice, ’cause it’s just about simple things. Like at the end of the day, all you want is just to be thankful for what you have and the good that you already have in your life and not wanting more and all that. So that’s what this is. I love that song. I cry every time I listen to it.”

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