Get Comfy to Go Through This Guide of Halsey’s Tattoos


If you follow Halsey on Instagram, then you know just how many tattoos the singer has. Or, rather, you know they have a lot, but it’s hard to keep track of the exact number because her body art is seemingly never-ending. (Halsey’s arms alone hold over 10 pieces of ink.) Every time they post a new selfie or bikini picture, you get a glimpse at the seas of tattoos that cover their entire body.

Unlike some stars who keep their ink hidden, Halsey has always shown off their tattoos and been pretty open about the meaning behind each one. According to our calculations, the singer has over 43 tattoos, making them one of the most decorated stars. Some of Halsey’s tattoos are self-explanatory – like the word “NIGHTMARE,” one of their hit songs, tattooed on their spine – but other pieces of artwork are more obscure. They also have two tiny stars on the side of their head and a small cartoon with a thought bubble that says, “I wonder if they’ll remember me,” on their forearm – however, they’re hard to see in photographs. Many of Halsey’s tattoos are done in either the fine-line style or the old-school traditional look.

If you’re curious about what Halsey’s tattoos mean, we rounded up all of them ahead. Keep reading for a complete guide to Halsey’s tattoos and their meanings.

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