A Stylist Showed Us the Secrets to Achieving Perfect Curls Using the Dyson Corrale

POPSUGAR Australia’s senior entertainment producer, Lyndsey Rodrigues, was lucky enough to be treated to a professional styling session by hairdresser Chris Hunter using the Dyson Corrale at the Willomina Salon in Sydney.

Hunter is the director of the exclusive Eastern suburbs salon and he regularly uses Dyson’s hair straightener to create signature looks and perfect styling for his clients, in this case, creating the perfect true curl.

Curls can be notoriously difficult to achieve if you are a straight-haired gal, but the smart heat settings on the Dyson Corrale allow you to choose the right heating setting based on your hair type. And thanks to the thermal system within the straightener, it never exceeds your set temperature, so you are not in danger of frying your hair.

The clever copper flexing plates within the Dyson Corrale also applies the right amount of pressure on the hair, gathering the strands neatly together which, in turn, allows for enhanced styling with less heat. These plates allow you to style your hair far quicker as a result, meaning you are applying heat to your locks for less time than your regular straightener.

“A few reasons why I like the Dyson Corrale: I like it because it’s cordless, and I really like the copper flexing plates,” Hunter said. “They give me amazing heat distribution and it allows me to hold the hair in place while I’m curling.”

Hunter also reveals a few industry secrets for getting curly, salon-quality hair at home using the Dyson Corrale. Watch the full video below:

You can check out our full review of the Dyson Corrale from our beauty editor, Alexandra McCarthy, who transformed her “coarse and unruly” hair into lush, “smooth and shiny” locks using the Dyson Corrale.

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