This TikTok Hack Will Make Curling Your Hair With a Straightener a Breeze 

The best TiKTok tip for curling your hair with a hair straightener.

To me, curling your hair with a straightener is something that -only- happens at the hair salon. They sweep through your locks, making them look effortlessly polished and glossy, and when you do you try the technique at home? A crunchy disaster. 

Suddenly you have a half a kilo straightener tangled in your hair and it’s crimped and crusty for the day. This may be a “me” problem, but if you too have landed here searching for a solution, TikTok has figured it out for us. 

The Benefits of Curling Your Hair With a Straightener

There’s a reason your hair looks smooth and glossy when you’ve curled it with a straightener. It’s because unlike a curling iron, the straightener is designed to smooth the hair cuticle, creating a high-shine finish. Overall the straightener will always give you a smoother look. That is, if you don’t mess it up, which I invariably do. 

I was convinced TikTok would have some answers for me, so, I investigated and found a hack that has made my curling life far more simple. 

@alexxcoll How to wave & curl your hair with a straightener. Do you prefer a curl or wave? #hairtutorial #wavyhairtutorial #haircurlwithflatiron #haircurlwithstraightener #cloudninehair ♬ original sound – AlexxColl

TikToker Alex Coll says she’s constantly asked about how she creates her curls and waves — and she uses a hair straightener. “Usually the question is, how the hell do you curl your hair with a straightener?” I’m glad there are other non-believers out there.

Alex Coll has some pretty genius tips though, for curling and waving your hair, so I’ve taken the liberty of breaking them down. 

Curl Away From Your Face 

Cole says no matter what you do, always curl your hair away from your face. This both reduces the risk you’ll scorch your mug, and ensure your curls are “face framing” rather than face concealing. 

Keep Your Straightener Vertical 

Always keep your straightener vertical is Cole’s tip. This is… the opposite of what I do and I can see immediately that Cole’s hair isn’t getting tangled and snapped up at the greedy base of her straightener. Love that for her, and soon, for me. 

Curl With Your Opposite Hand and Use Your Thumb as a Guide

Watching Cole, this makes sense. Using the opposite hand allows for slow, steady control it also allows you use your thumb as a guide which is her HOTTEST tip. “I’m literally going to twist the straightener, always hold it in you opposite hand, twist your hand until your thumb faces the front.” this allows you to get the perfect position for your curl. Then, you simply pull through your hair. 

Start Lower Down to Create a Wave

Start a few inches from the scalp. “Start a little bit down, not right at the root and I also like to leave out the bottom couple of inches of my hair to create a looser curl.” Then, rinse and repeat the process. 

Pull the Straightener Slower If You Want a Tighter Curl

After the thumb tip, this was Cole’s next HOTTEST tip. “The slower you pull the straightener, the tighter the curl,” she explains. This makes sense as you’re heating your hair and holding it in position for longer. Moving quickly keeps things fast and loose. Love it. 

Cole then sets her hair with some hair spray, and is good to go. 


Some other mistakes I realised I made while observing this master at work? Cole starts with pin straight, smooth hair. This obviously reduces friction and helps the hair straightener glide through her locks. 

I often try to create a “wave” my hair with a blow dryer, but starting straight makes sense! Again, it promotes glide. She also works in tiny sections. As someone with thick hair, this is somewhat of an arduous process, but the results are worth it. 

For some top-rated hair straighteners to use for your curls, just keep scrolling.

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