How to Achieve Carrie Bradshaw’s Perfectly Undone Curls At Home — Every Time


When you think of Sex and the City’s protagonist Carrie Bradshaw, chances are the first two things that come to mind are Manolo Blahnik shoes and curly, voluminous hair. Carrie is known to love all things fashion, but her blonde ringlets are just as iconic as her sartorial sense.

And, while Carrie changes her hair frequently during the six seasons of Sex and the City — sporting slick, straightened locks and short bobs at various times — she always comes back to her trademark curls, which is the natural hair texture of actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

With the new SATC reboot And Just Like That currently airing on BINGE in Australia, we’re back in love with Carrie’s c-c-c-curly locks and we feel the distinct need to recreate the looks ourselves. In case you’re also lusting after the curly girl look, this is how you can recreate it at home.

How to Achieve Carrie’s Curls

The easiest way to emulate the curly Carrie vibe is with a curling iron. Unfortunately, a straightener won’t help you achieve the ringlets you’re after, so opt for a curling wand with a thin barrel so the outcome is tight curls versus loose waves.

Other than that, all you need is hairspray and a clip to section your hair and you’re good to go. This should be completed on dry hair, as you’re using a hot styling tool. If your hair is wet, make sure to blow dry it until it’s completely dry before going in with the curling wand.

Then, you want to section your hair, popping the majority of your hair up in a clip and leaving a small amount down — you’re going to be working in stages from the bottom up. Then, with the tapered end of the curling wand pointing down, wrap a small section of hair around the barrel.

As you work your way across this first section, make sure to curl one piece of hair towards the face and the next away from the face, which will help make the curls look more natural. After you’ve completed this section, take the clip out and let down a little bit more hair.

Repeat these same steps until you reach the top section of hair. Continue to curl away and towards your face but when you reach the face-framing parts of hair at the front of your face, curl these away. While the curls are cooling down, spray a little hairspray to set the style and then leave it for a few minutes.

When the hair has cooled, tilt your head back and rake your fingers through the ringlets. Shake the hair to rough up the curl texture, don’t be afraid to make it look a little undone and messy. The one thing about Carrie’s curls is that they are never perfect.

And that’s it! Say hello to your Carrie curls.

Be sure to take your own hair type into account when doing this style and add in any necessary prep steps that are needed. For example, if your hair doesn’t hold a curl very well, you might want to use a texturising spray to help give your hair some grit.

If you’re prone to frizziness, you might want to finish your style off with a smoothing lotion or hair oil to help calm flyaways and keep your hair looking silky. Only you know how your hair behaves so take this into consideration for pre and post styling.

Otherwise, enjoy your curly locks!

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