Wearing Earphones Regularly Can Cause Ear Blackheads, So Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

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Do you have a habit of leaving your Airpods in your ears for hours on end? Yeah, us too. Chances are there are times you’re not even listening to anything via the earphones, but you’ve simply forgotten about them… Don’t worry, it happens to us all. Because of this habit, you might be experiencing increased blackheads in your ears.

This is because there are pores in your ears and wherever you have pores, pimples and blackheads can pop up. “Blackheads or open comedones can absolutely happen inside the ear canal, especially if you wear AirPods for long periods of time,” said dermatologist Dr Whitney Bowe in a recent TikTok video.

This is because earbuds can block airflow into the ear, causing a build-up of earwax and oil, which in turn, causes blackheads. Try to remember to clean your Airpods or earphones once a week to keep them grime-free and don’t wear them for long periods of time, to allow your ears time to breathe.


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As for the blackheads that are already in your ears? Well, there’s a pretty easy fix for that. All you have to do is find a cleanser with salicylic acid in it and give your ears a clean. The salicylic acid will help exfoliate the surface and clear any dead skin cells on the skin, which will help to prevent further blackheads from appearing.

To apply the cleanser, gently use a cotton tip or cotton ball to clean the area and then remove the product with water. Make sure to be careful given the sensitivity of the area. Biore recommends doing this daily until you begin to notice a reduction in your blackheads.

For those blackheads that don’t respond to this treatment, extraction is the other option. Given the placement of the blackheads, it’s best to rely on a professional to do this as the area is extremely sensitive. Consider enlisting the expertise of a dermatologist if necessary.

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