Introducing the Trick to Getting Every Last Drop From Your Beauty Products

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There’s nothing worse than coming to the end of your beauty products, only to discover you can’t quite get the last of the product out of the packaging. Think of all that wasted product left sitting at the bottom of tubes. The worst! While some packaging lends itself to being cut open to scrape out the remaining lotion or potion (think sunscreen tubes), this isn’t possible for many products, especially those made from glass.

Think of all the glass-packaged foundations, serums and tubes of cream you’ve thrown away with morsels of product left inside. While you can try and use your finger, or a cotton tip to scoop out the remaining product, there is a better way to do it and it’s called a beauty spatula. Yep, much like the spatula you use to flip a fried egg, some clever people have created the beauty equivalent.

The Every Drop Beauty Spatula ($20) has a tiny spatula head that bends and allows you to grab every last drop of goodness from your beauty bottles and tubes. And, unlike cotton tips which soak up the product, the silicone head delivers the product to you without absorbing any of it so you’re really getting your monies worth.

The Beauty Spatula is also reusable, so you can use it again and again.”Fantastic for getting into those hard to reach places and really getting every drop from a bottle, makes you feel like you’ve really gotten value for money from your product,” one user wrote.

This means when you go to recycle your beauty products, they will well and truly be cleaned out thanks to this handy device.

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