How to Prevent Chipping and Help Your Nail Polish Last Longer Than a Few Days

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Whether you paint your own nails or have them professionally manicured, it’s pretty disappointing when the polish chips after just a day or two. While nail polish isn’t foolproof — given how much you put it through with handwashing etc — there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your manicure.

Some of these tips relate to pre-manicure care while others are concerned with the nature of the polish itself. And don’t worry, these tips don’t include the use of base and topcoat, which you’re already using, right? The next time you sit down to paint your nails, try this advice and see if it makes a difference to the longevity of your manicure.

Wash your hands before applying nail polish

When you have your nails done professionally at a salon, have you noticed that the technicians give your nails a quick clean with nail polish remover or acetone, even if you don’t have any polish on them? Often beauticians will also ask you to wash your hands following this as well. According to Glamour, your nails have naturally occurring oils on them, which can interfere with the polish and prevent it from adhering to the nail properly.

Before going in with your base coat and polish, give your nails a quick swipe with nail polish remover and wash your hands to give the polish the best chance of staying put.

Roll your polish between your hands

You probably already shake your polish before applying but Cosmopolitan recommends rolling it back and forth between your hands. This movement helps to break up air bubbles and prevents any more from popping up in the polish, which in turn, prevents chipping. If air bubbles are present in the polish and painted onto your nails, they can cause the colour to chip faster.

Avoid getting paint on your cuticles

When painting your nails, it’s pretty easy to get a little bit of polish on your cuticles or skin. While you can simply clean this up afterwards, try your best to avoid doing this as it can affect the quality of your polish and lead to chips. According to Byrdie, when you paint outside of the nail, it breaks the seal between the polish and nail and can result in the polish lifting off the nail far easier.

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