Save Some Cash and Tint Your Own Brows — Here’s How

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Tinting your own brows at home is not only easy but it’s extremely cost-effective. While we leave the actual brow styling to the experts, we don’t mind taking the DIY approach when it comes to dyeing brow hair. While the process of tinting your own eyebrows might feel daunting, once you have all the gear (and an idea of how to do it), you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before.

Tinting basically refers to dyeing your eyebrow hairs with a semi-permanent dye in order to enhance the shape and shade of the hair. Even if you have naturally dark brows, dyeing your brows can pick up the lighter hairs around the brow to create a more bushy and bold eyebrow.

The easiest way to tint your own brows is to invest in a simple three-step dye. The one we recommend is from Amaia Lashes ($38).

One tube offers 18-21 uses, with each application lasting up to three weeks. And it’s available in a four colours — brown, coffee, dark brown and black. This tint doesn’t smudge and is easy and safe to use. And, it only takes roughly 15 minutes from start to finish. Once you’ve purchased your kit, here’s how to dye your own brows:

Start with clean brows: Make sure there isn’t any product in your eyebrows to begin with. Then, grab a cotton bud and dip into Vaseline. Trace the Vaseline around the outside of your eyebrows to protect your skin from coming into contact with the dye.

Apply the dye: Once your brows are ready to go, apply the tint to your brows with the spoolie provided, or grab a small makeup brush and paint it on.

Let develop for 10 minutes: Leave your brows to marinate in the tint for 8 -15 minutes before removing with a damp cotton pad. And there you have it, your brows should be darker and more defined.

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