4 Editors Tried the New Huda Beauty Faux Filler Lip Gloss and These Are the Results

POPSUGAR Photography/Rhiannon Evans

Last week Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, announced on her social media channels she was bringing out a new range of lip glosses, and the excitement at POPSUGAR UK was off the scale. If there’s one product that will get our team in a tizzy, then lip gloss would be it. From comparing shades to rating lasting power, we love nothing more than testing and discussing the latest offerings to see which one will end up amongst our favourites currently living at the bottom of our handbags (please tell us it’s not just us who have five lip glosses on rotation?)

Huda Beauty Faux Filler Extra Shine Gloss promises to give your pout the illusion of lip filler, without the need for irritating ingredients. Basically all the fullness without the tingle. It also contains collagen and vitamin e to nourish the lips to make them not only appear glossy, but also feel hydrated. The range comes in 7 different shades, including one clear, so there’s something for everyone.

So does it live up to the hype? We were lucky enough to get an exclusive sneak peak, so keep reading to find out what the POPSUGAR UK team really thought.

Huda Beauty Faux Filler Extra Shine Lip Gloss in Bombshell (£18)

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography/Aayliah Harry

“First I lined my lips with Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Rich Brown before adding Bombshell on top. This combination is a new go-to for me. As a lipgloss obsessive, the quality and thick consistency of the gloss is amazing. The shine is also long-lasting. If you’re also looking for a lip liner that glides on smoothly and compliments a gloss, Huda’s Lip Contour is a perfect choice.” Aayliah Harry, Associate Editor


Huda Faux Filler Extra Shine Lip Gloss in Honey (£18)

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography/Lauren Gordon

“I really liked how buildable the gloss was and found that a little went a long way in adding a sheer layer of colour and gloss to my lips. The triangular applicator slightly threw me off at first, as did my chosen shade, but ultimately I loved how it went with the Lip Contour 2.0 Liner in Terracotta and my overall makeup.” Lauren Gordon, Editorial Coordinator


Huda Beauty Faux Filler Extra Shine Lip Gloss in Posh (£18)

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography/Lauren Ezekiel

“I love a lip gloss, but they don’t always love me. I find they often disappear after a few minutes and once I start reapplying it never goes on as smoothly. I was really impressed with the applicator as I found this fit perfectly into the curve of my lip and distributed the colour evenly. I chose the shade Posh as I tend to go for a warm pinky brown lip colour and this was spot on. Although the gloss does wear off after an hour or so I really noticed how hydrated my lips felt all day, and there was still a hint of colour after eating and drinking which really impressed me. I have also tried the clear on top of my favourite lipstick and this was a real winner for me.” Lauren Ezekiel, Associate Editor


Huda Beauty Faux Filler Extra Shine Lip Gloss in Sugar Baby (£18)

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography/Rhiannon Evans

“As a party girl of the noughties, I’ve had many a hair strand, caught in many a lip gloss – but in recent years, I replaced gloss with matte bright colour lipsticks. But as all things are cyclical, I’ve found myself moving away from bright colours in need of constant attention and searching for a more natural-coloured gloss I can pop on easily. Key to me is finding a product that I won’t panic about as I steadily eat it (I’m a big lip colour eater, sorry), leaving a brightly coloured rim around my lips that gives Nana at Christmas vibes. Huda’s Faux Filler in Sugar Baby is ideal for this task. I applied the colour with the brand’s Lip Contour 2.0 liner in Muted Pink and the combination of the two gave a gorgeous look that said: “I’ve put in effort here, but just so you know, not too much effort.” But if I was going out to eat or somewhere I didn’t have time to be thinking about my lips and reapplying, I’d forgo the liner for just the gloss personally. The gloss sat nicely on my lips, giving great colour, and didn’t look ropey as I steadily talked, ate and rubbed the gloss away as is inevitable. It didn’t feel remotely sticky, it felt super luxe and made me feel like I’d ‘done’ my lips, but not to the extent I felt self-conscious. I think it’s a great shade for an every day look, but also if you’ve gone heavy on your eyes for a night out. I loved the applicator, which holds so much gloss and the perfect amount for one application. And the shine was lovely – not too ‘blow up doll’, but freshly glistening. I’m converted.” Rhiannon Evans, Interim Content Director


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