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Invisalign Treatment After Braces

Can you really put a price on a show-stopping smile? As the digital world takes over — from social media to ground-breaking beauty hacks — we talk to Shaunna, 29, who is living proof that the smile you want is worth any investment, especially now that you can see a simulated result before committing to treatment.

: What made you decide to undergo Invisalign treatment?

Shaunna Meneilly: I had actually already had braces, but must admit that I wasn't consistent with wearing my retainers. Low and behold, my teeth started to move back to their original position. Whilst they weren't 'bad', I was conscious that my teeth had shifted back to their original position and I had started to hide my smile in photographs. I met with an orthodontist who was able to talk me through and tailor my treatment to achieve the smile that I wanted!

PS: How long was your Invisalign treatment?

SM: 18 months in total.

PS: How were your teeth before the treatment? What didn't you like about them?

SM: My teeth were tightly packed together, crossed over in places and my arch was very narrow. Whilst they weren't 'crooked' I was always conscious that I didn't have a wide, beaming smile that I saw all over social media. When I was in photographs with my friends, you would see their full beaming set, whereas with mine you would only really see the front few teeth. I would always keep my mouth closed in photographs — the classic tight lip grin — now you will rarely see me in pictures without a huge smile.

PS: How was this affecting you at work?

SM: I think when you are aware of something physical you naturally try to keep it under wraps. For example, if you hate your legs, you might avoid skirts and dresses. This is particularly hard to do when it is something on your face, like your teeth! I would definitely say I am more forthcoming and open to sharing opinions in meetings and when meeting new people. People are always complimenting me on my smile.

PS: Why did you choose Invisalign treatment over braces the second time around?

SM: I loved how discreet the Invisalign aligners were. My manager at the time already had them (and was around 10 years older than me) which quickly removed any stigma I had attached to wearing aligners in my adult years. Whilst I knew it would be an investment, Invisalign treatment has a really good reputation for professionalism and outstanding results. The relationship I formed with my orthodontist was so important. He knew exactly what I wanted and we worked together to achieve my final look. He gave me advice and helped me to set realistic goals, rather than comparing myself to others. I had a really great experience.

PS: Having had two different types of teeth straightening treatment, how would you compare the two?

SM: Asides from the obvious visual differences, advanced Invisalign technology allows for all sorts of alterations, big and small, to make for a truly tailored dental experience! I also really liked that I could see my treatment plan upfront and knew how my final smile would look. This helped to keep me motivated to wear my aligners as I knew the goal I was aiming for!

PS: What advice would you give to someone considering Invisalign treatment?

SM: I can honestly say that it is the best decision I have ever made. But if you are still undecided on the price, the treatment time or the results, you can now see what your smile could look like before you commit to treatment. Invisalign have recently launched SmileView Technology, which uses a simulation based on their 7 million-strong database of successful cases to show you what your future Invisalign smile could look like. Simply head down to the Invisalign Centre in Sydney or visit one of their pop-ups in selected Westfield shopping centres for a personalised before and after image of your own beaming smile. Trust me, you won't believe the results.

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Image Source: Instagram / @shaunna20
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