MAFS 2023: Janelle May Have Been Burnt On MAFS, But Her Beauty Looks Are Fire

MAFS 2023 star Janelle Han's best Instagram beauty looks
Instagram @janellemyh

True confession? I don’t watch much reality TV, but I do love drama and beauty influencers. When I was informed that “Married at First Sight‘s” Janelle Han was an Instagram-famous influencer also involved in an intricate cheating scandal, I found myself in a deep dive.

Soon enough, I was completely up to date on the latest “MAFS” cheating scandal. If you’re not across it, you can read our whole timeline here, but here’s the tl;dr: Claire is ‘married’ to Jesse, Janelle is married to Adam. Claire and Adam kissed, and now everyone is dealing with the capital-D Drama!

The slighted figure in this tragedy is of course, Janelle Han, who, despite her Instagram and TikTok presence, has found herself betrayed.

Han has clearly been too busy cooking up beauty looks on Instagram to spend time @on beam_me_up_softboi . While she may be naive, she’s not short on a well-executed smokey eye, so she’s my heroine of choice.

Anyway, Claire and Adam had been denying the kiss, but in an unfortunate twist (for Adam), Claire had an attack of conscience. Claire confessed her infidelity to her suspicious husband Jesse, and later clarified to Fitzy & Wippa that the kiss was “two seconds, three max.”

Can we hold three seconds against these star-crossed lovers? Absolutely. 

Janelle was devastated. One of the chillest players in the “MAFS” 2023 universe, Janelle Han has now taken centre stage.

As a relative newcomer to the reality TV universe, I was devastated for her, and left wondering how I could show my support.

Naturally, I curated a list of her strongest Instagram beauty serves. At least Janelle is guaranteed some new followers for whatever heartbreak she experiences on “MAFS”. It’s what she deserves!

Kill Bill (or, Adam)

Janelle Han is an Aries, and watching this video, that’s pretty much all you need to know. Cross an Aries and get ready for full, confrontational chaos.

In this case, it was well deserved. Just watching this emerging Bad-B get ready last night, serving what she described as a “Kill Bill” look, was a lesson in power dressing. From ombre, blood-red lips to flawless contour and a killer top knot, Janelle looked both sexy and ready to draw blood.

Summer Loving

Janelle Han serves beachy beauty on Instagram pre-MAFS 2023
Image Credit: Instagram @janellemyh

Janelle’s summery look has us dreaming of beach weather. With perfectly applied nose blush, faux freckles, laminated brows and bronzed skin, we can only hope she’ll be taking a well-earned seaside vacation after what seems will be an inevitable split with Adam. 

Bridal Moment

Janelle Han posts her MAFS 2023 romantic bridal beauty moment MAFS 2023 bridal moment to Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram @janellemyh

Janelle Han’s bridal beauty moment featured popping pink blush and plenty of shimmer, as well as the fluttery false lash and winged liner she’s become known for. Marriage on “MAFS” may not be forever, but Instagram grid posts are, and this is a serve. 

Pre-“MAFS” Glam

Pre-MAFS 2023 Janelle Han shares an optical illusion eyemakeup look on Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram @janellemyh

Pre-“MAFS”, Han had a more experimental approach to makeup. Here she shows off her skills with a smokey eye, featuring some well-deployed white liner in place of inner corner shimmer. We hope to see more of these creative looks once “MAFS” 2023 wraps.

Blurred Cut-Crease

MAFS 2023 star Janelle Han serves a soft cut crease on Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram @janellemyh

Cut creases are usually sharp, but with this blurred charcoal, smokey eye, Han shows you can soften the look for an achievable style. Her goldilocks fringe is also charming, but optional. 

Manga Lash

MAFS 2023 star Janelle Hun works the Manga lash trend on Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram @janellemyh

Ahead of the curve, Han jumped on the Manga lash trend right before it took off, creating a doll-like, innocent beauty look for Instagram back in March 2022. 

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