“Commitment is Sexy”: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Make a Tatted Case For Monogamy

Jennifer lopez ben affleck tattoos
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On Valentine’s day, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were the only couple whose Instagram carousels we weren’t putting on mute.

In a post to Instagram, Lopez shared a moving tribute to one of history’s great Leo love affairs — Bennifer — and revealed her first ever tattoo.

The couple debuted matching tattoos in a display of commitment more powerful in some circles than a wedding ring. Unlike the matching tattoos of the couples you went to high school with, J.Lo and Affleck’s were chic!  

J.Lo’s tattoo, artfully nestled on her ribcage, was still clearly visible under fresh protecting wrapping. The design featured a delicate infinity symbol speared with an arrow, and “Ben” and “Jennifer” in dainty script.

Affleck opted for a similar design: two arrows crossed with “J” and “B” framed.

J.Lo signed off her post with a few well-placed hashtags like #committmentissexy and, in opportunistic Leo fashion, a plug for her newsletter and teaser for her upcoming album. We applaud her pragmatism!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are everyone’s favourite Leo power couple. The two assured us that no number of 0% Rotten Tomatoes ratings could get in the way of true love when they reunited in April 2022. But last week, they sparked consternation at the Grammys when Ben Affleck was caught looking miserable, and Jennifer Lopez was caught looking politely patient.

Then, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly caused consternation when they proved that even $ 30,000 USD manicures couldn’t assure a lasting romance, or at least fidelity. Fox’s cryptic Instagram behaviour, complete with Beyoncé captions, a couples photo-deleting rampage, and a intriguing list of remaining followers cast doubts on the likelihood of wedding bells.

This is despite Fox’s stunning and frankly very bridal turn on the Grammys red carpet.

We were as shocked as you were.

We’re wishing a very fulsome hats off to Bennifer for proving this V-Day that true love can win out, Leos can date each other, and couple tattoos can be hot.

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