Clean Beauty, Sustainability, and Love: Jonathan Van Ness Shares Their Tips on All Three


Chances are you fell head over heels for Jonathan Van Ness on Netflix’s Queer Eye when the reboot series was first released in 2018. Van Ness’ bubbly and warm manner has made them a much-loved personality and their expertise in the world of beauty and grooming is highly valued.

So, it makes sense that beauty brand Biossance tapped Van Ness to be its ambassador in 2019 — a role he still holds today. The podcast host’s passion for beauty that is both clean and sustainable is largely why he said yes to partnering with the brand.

“Their approach to highly effective but sustainable processes inspire me in every way,” Van Ness told POPSUGAR Australia. “Their team is always looking for ways to reduce their imprint while improving the quality of their products.

“I love the idea that we are always trying to improve and we are never done learning so a company that is always striving to make the best products they can for people and doesn’t harm the environment in the process is the type of relationship I want in skincare and haircare in my career.”

When it comes to products deemed sustainable and natural, it can get pretty confusing thanks to a lack of regulation in the industry. When you begin looking for products that fall in these categories, Van Ness recommends reading the ingredients list and attempting to discover where they came from.

“Going to a company’s website will give you a more clear and fuller picture of their mission as it relates to sustainability and their work towards reducing their carbon footprint,” Van Ness said. “The idea of ‘clean beauty’ is really speaking to what is in the product and how it affects our skin’s health, and ‘sustainable’ is more about the environmental impact of this company and its products.

“If you’re wanting to learn more I would encourage you to follow EWG (or the Environmental Working Group) which Biossance is verified by — and is the only brand to be EWG verified in Sephora — to find out more. If you really wanted to go the extra mile check out Biossance’s Clean Academy on Biossance’s YouTube.”

A large part of beauty has to do with taking care of one’s self. Skincare offers you a chance to practice a little self-care on a daily basis. For Van Ness, their beauty rituals allow them to slow down and take a little time for themself.

“I love to take a quick shower, throw a mask in my hair and on my face and then take a hot bath, rinse the grime off from the day and then relax in a coconut milk bath and Biossance’s 100% Squalane Oil makes me feel like a whole new person.”

As for when Van Ness feels the most beautiful? “Honestly it’s whenever I have the time to take care of my needs so that I can then go and do everything else I want to the fullest,” they said. “That’s what makes me feel my most beautiful.”

The role of beauty has changed drastically over the last year, given the whole world was forced to stay inside their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as such, products like makeup become less important while skincare took centre stage. Despite living in quarantine for a large chunk of time, Van Ness has still found a way to inject frivolity into this part of their life, including their hubby Mark Peacock in the fun.

“Cutting my husband’s hair, and doing more spa at home type stuff was really fun,” Van Ness said. “We also had weekly themed Zoom quizzes with friends that allowed us to really play with all sorts of fun makeup and hairstyles, turning my husband into Annie was quite a highlight and allowed me to use the tiniest curling iron I could find.”

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