Katy Perry’s Tattoo Collection Includes Designs From Her End-of-Tour Tradition

Getty / Eric McCandless
  • Katy Perry has 11 known tattoos so far.
  • Most of her body art is placed on her feet and hands.
  • From her end-of-tour tattoo tradition to matching ink with her fans, each piece holds a special meaning for the singer.

Katy Perry rose to international pop stardom remarkably early on in her career and has been an undeniable staple in the music industry ever since. With consecutive mega hits under her belt – including “Hot N Cold,” “Roar,” and “I Kissed a Girl” – the singer-songwriter quickly built a solid discography, striking a deft balance between heart-pumping quintessential early-2010s pop anthems and heart-wrenching, powerful breakup ballads. The “American Idol” judge has always been a trailblazer when it comes to her fashion and beauty choices – who can forget her instantly iconic, campy hamburger and chandelier costumes at the 2019 Met Gala? – so it’s no surprise that Perry’s visually stunning tattoo collection is merely an extension of her unique, charismatic personality.

The De Soi cofounder has 11 known tattoos so far, each with a sentimental significance. She has several pieces dedicated to her many musical milestones, including an homage to her incredible headlining stint at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime. Perry also has a long-standing tradition at the end of her tours where she and her crew close out the successful string of shows by getting matching friendship tattoos.

The singer has captured many beautiful and significant moments in her life with meaningful pieces of ink. From her latest piece dedicated to her ardent fanbase to a striking Sanskrit script design, Perry has accumulated an awe-inspiring tattoo collection over the years. Keep scrolling for a closer look at all of Perry’s tattoos and find out what they mean.

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