Keke Palmer's “Makeunder” For “Nope” Almost Included Green Hair

Keke Palmer's Makeup for
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Keke Palmer’s makeup on the set of “Nope” was the perfect example of a “makeunder” and well-timed accident. In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, Palmer’s on-set makeup artist Tym Buacharern revealed her barely there makeup look actually took much longer than you might think to come up with.

“She’s a horse trainer,” says Buacharern of the character. “She’s a total hustler. She will take any job and do any job. So I think that dictates it a little bit.” With this in mind, they gave Palmer the appearance of spending a long day out in the heat. This – in addition to another fun Easter egg about Palmer’s eyelashes – helped drive the story. Buacharern went on to explain that the actor originally came in with short lash extensions on, which fell out as the movie progressed, highlighting the character’s struggle as an aspiring influencer.

It took a few rounds of experimentation to ultimately nail the “no-makeup” look, and that trial-and-error period included some interesting decisions. “I tried [the green hair and face tattoo] on her, and we looked at each other and we go, ‘Nah,'” says Buacharern. The duo ended up focusing more on skincare so as to not cause any acne flare-ups in Palmer, who has polycystic ovary syndrome disorder.

With Palmer and her movie “Nope” currently a hot topic of conversation, you can expect to hear about the film in the next few days. In the meantime, take a look at some of her hidden collection of tattoos here.

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