How Kelsey Wells Keeps Her Skin Clear and Glowy All Year Round

Kelsey Wells

As a fitness influencer with nearly three million followers, Kelsey Wells often has to wear makeup while working out. As we all know, that certainly isn’t ideal for skin. So how does Wells avoid breakouts and clogged pores? We asked her.

“I don’t know if there’s one secret tip or trick, aside from being consistent with your regular skincare routine,” she tells POPSUGAR Australia. “For me, this means never sleeping in my makeup, always washing my face as soon as I can when I’m done filming, and letting my skin breathe afterward.”

Wells — who recently filmed her new fitness program PWR Fusion for the Sweat app — says that in her normal day-to-day life, she wears minimal makeup. In recent years, her makeup routine has been pretty simple, consisting of a tinted moisturiser with SPF 30, some blush and usually a lip gloss.

But what about her skin, which is clear, glowy, and envy-inducing, all year round?

Kelsey Wells’ Favourite Skincare Products

Wells says she’s recently fallen “head over heels in love” with Bali Body Shower Scrub ($29.95) and Shower Oil ($27.95).

“I’d never tried a shower oil before, but it’s my new favourite thing,” Wells says. “It’s like a mini shower retreat every evening, and leaves your skin feeling so soft and rejuvenated. I need to figure out if I can get it in the US.”

Wells is also a fan of HEMP Nation’s Body Lotion ($96.13, though she buys it at Walmart for $10-$30USD) and declares it the best body moisturiser.

“I think it’s technically a tan extender lotion, but I use it year-round, morning and night, on my whole body, and it helps my skin stay hydrated,” she says. “Utah, where I’m from, is a desert and has a super dry climate,” she explains, “so it’s super important to moisturise every day. This is the best lotion I have found to do that. My whole family uses it.”

After Wells turned 30, she started getting severe acne for the first time in her life and had skin issues for about a year and a half. She was having a hard time handling it, she recalls, until she discovered Corrective Skin, a Utah skincare brand.

“I threw out all my other products, even all the super expensive ones I had invested in, and I switched over to this brand,” she says. “I also threw out my makeup and made sure the only products I was putting on my skin were non-comedogenic. Doing that and using this skincare line in tandem really helped clear up my skin when truly nothing else would. It was about a six-month process, but now I feel like my skin is healthier and better than ever.”

Kelsey Wells’ Favourite Beauty Products

When it comes to achieving a glowy look, Wells likes to focus on her cheeks and lips. For blush, she opts for a few colours from NARS. For lips, she uses a dual lip kit ColorStay product from CoverGirl — Outlast Moisturizing Lip Color with Topcoat ($15.99) — which comes with a clear lip balm.

“You put on the colour, then you re-apply the balm as much as you need and it gives you really good, lasting coverage that doesn’t come off when you eat or drink,” she says. “My favourite part of using this product is that the balm is so hydrating, and I can’t stand having dry lips. So, I now have this product in almost every shade they have created. Every lip you’ve seen me in over the last two years is that Covergirl product. It’s also super affordable, which I love.”

If there was only one beauty product Wells could have with her on a desert island? SPF moisturiser, she says.

“You have to have sun protection, especially on a desert island,” she says. “My go-to sunscreens at the moment are by Sun Bum. I love its SPF 30 glow lotion and SPF 50.”

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