7 Kim Petras Beauty Looks So Flawless They’re Serving Divine Intervention

Kim Petras best beauty looks
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Kim Petras has been serving straight bangers musically and cosmetically for years on the underground NYC pop scene.

More recently, the pop star has been blasted into the public consciousness following her “Unholy” collab with Sam Smith, which made her the first trans woman to win a Grammy.

Now, she’s deigned to bless us with her presence in Sydney for World Pride.

“Unholy” is great, yes, but Kim’s been making headlines in this beauty editor’s frontal lobe for years.

Original and on point, she’s a true beauty enthusiast and unabashed product nerd with a classically Virgo attention to detail.

She’s gushed about her favourite cleansing balm, told Glamour she won’t go anywhere without her Anastasia Brow Wiz and has espoused the benefits of dipping your hair in silicone (“it can look like slime”!).

While she once told Vogue she has made “a lot of mistakes with makeup,” we’re yet to see them. Ahead is a round-up of our personal favourites.

The Big Veil Moment

Kim Petras best looks
Image credit: Getty/Amy Sussman

A beauty look that left us all wondering why don’t people match their veils to their lipstick more often? Classic and regal, Petras served aloof princess vibes for her debut on the Grammy Awards world stage.

Spider Eyes

Some might say Petras played it safe at the Grammys with a crisp red pout and immaculate skin. Not so for the Brit Awards, where she leant into her penchant for the slightly creepy. Petras served up a look inspired by the Japanese horror manga series “Uzumaki” (“Spiral”) and the illustrations made by Junji Ito. Impressively, the look still manages to be perfectly flattering. It’s a soft siren-esque shape elongating and lifting the eye, paired perfectly with an uber-matte complexion and rosy lip.

Snow Queen

Petras knows the power of a glossy pink lip and a post-romp flush, and her favourite is Dior Backstage Rosey Glow Blush in Pink ($69).

She most frequently pairs this with a powdery white shadow and equally icy locks. White shadow can be hard to pull off, and lashes are essential. As a high-low queen, Petras favours Ardell Demi Wispies, ($11).

Space Princess

Another look created by the very steady hand of MUA Gilbert Soliz, who again proves that surreal and spacey accents can be flattering. While we love Petras’ signature blonde, her strawberry locks are super cute and we’d love to see more of them.

“Sailor Moon”-core

In the name of the moon, we’ve been punishing ourselves for taking out our hair extensions ever since we saw this epic “Sailor Moon” pigtail slay. Thoughts go out to anyone who opted for a lob in 2023.

Washed Denim Diamanté

Petras elevated the slightly played-out washed denim eyeshadow trend with some perfectly placed metal wear and a full pastel blue look to match. We love a girl who’s not afraid of monochrome.

A Horny Halloween

Kim Petras best beauty looks
Image Credit: Instagram @kimpetras

Putting the sleigh in slays, Petras dressed as European folklore prankster Krampus for Halloween in 2022.

The dramatic, bloody red lip, wet look hair, and coffin nails? They’re all fabulous, of course, but it’s her high-quality antlers that complete the flawless look.

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