Considering a Temporary Hair Color? This Product Transformed Me With Very Little Commitment

POPSUGAR Photography / Maggie Panos

My natural hair color is a mystery (dishwater brown, perhaps?), but my color of choice is a natural red that has fooled many a new acquaintance over the years. While I can appreciate fun colors on others, I don’t love the look of artificial color on my own hair – but we’re months into a pandemic, so bring on the temporary aesthetic upgrades.

Winter hair colors are trending bold, so I jumped at the chance to try a shade that would intensify my “natural” look. Having never attempted box dye at home, I was relieved to find that KMS Style Color is a temporary spray-on color. In fact, the instructions were so easy, I was concerned I was missing something: “Place a towel around your shoulders. Shake well and spray 6″/15 cm from the head onto dry hair. Washes out easily with shampoo.”

So just . . . spray paint my head, then? That seemed doable. Here’s what happened when I went outside of my color box and gave it a whirl.

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