8 Latinas Share Beauty Tips They Learned From Their Mothers

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Growing up, our moms are so crucial in forming our understanding of beauty and how we navigate it. For some of us, watching our moms get ready for work in the mornings, perched at their vanities, and swiping mascara over their lashes, helped us establish a daily makeup routine with our own arsenal of brushes and blushes. For others, it may have been even simpler than that. Maybe our moms celebrated clean beauty, and always tried to make themselves feel good from the inside out with home remedies or natural skincare regimens. Whatever the case may be, our moms know a lot – especially about how to take care of themselves and feel beautiful while doing so. This especially rings true for those of us with Latine heritage. Beauty is a big aspect of our culture especially when it comes to self-expression. We invest a lot of time (and money) into the practice of looking and feeling good for ourselves.

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In exploring the rich stories of how culture and beauty come together for the Latine community, POPSUGAR talked to eight prominent Latina influencers and content creators about their own understanding of beauty and the essential tips their mothers shared with them throughout their childhood. From anti-aging advice to self-confidence boosters, these Latinas – and their moms – have you covered with some wise words on what beauty means and how to approach it.

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